E3 2013 – Dark Souls 2 Trailer

MP1st - A new trailer for Dark Souls 2 was released durign the E3 Microsoft press conference, showing off some brand-new gameplay

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eyeDEVOUR2052d ago

I've gotta go rub one out now....

dedicatedtogamers2052d ago

looks amazing. cant wait to invade!

stuna12052d ago

It seems faster paced, with a lot more going on at once.

bluetoto2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

lord knows that was my main gripe about the combat, so glad it looks like you can take on more than one enemy at once more efficiently.

since when did efficient mechanics become "arcadey"? I'm glad they recognized that improvements move franchises forward and that relying on dated mechanics with updated graphics is NOT an advancement and NOT the way to go.

Cam9772052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

I don't know, was it me or did this look a bit more... arcadey? Yes, it'll still be hard but parts of the video made it look like an arcade-style game. I hope I'm wrong. I'm currently trying to platinum the original on my PS3 - I only need 6 more trophies; two of which are weapon trophies.

Faster paced, as said above, that's it - arcadey.

Zephyas2052d ago

They probably just made it like that to show more enemies and action for the excitement of the E3 trailer, In the 11 minutes gameplay trailer, it looked like very traditional and standard Demon's Souls/ Dark Souls style of play. I wouldn't worry about Dark Souls II going "arcade style".

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The story is too old to be commented.