Xbox 360 getting new model - XBLG Member Get 2 Free Games Per Month

Microsoft has revealed that Xbox 360 will be getting a new model, and it'll be available straight away.

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xHeavYx1955d ago

Lol, Assassins creed 2 and Halo 3... SMH

pierce1955d ago

At least they're trying!

Gridloc1955d ago

Too little, too late...

HexxedAvenger1955d ago

I feel that this is something that Gold members should have always gotten. It's already been done by Sony. I'll give them points for trying tho.

bicfitness1955d ago

2 per month until November. Read the fine print.

SpringHeeledJack1955d ago

Doesn't look good tho copying sony at everything. It's time MS stopped being the meee too company and do their own thing.

The_Con-Sept1955d ago

Month two: Bioschock and Need for Speed carbon.
Month three: Forza 3 and crackdown.
Month four: geometry wars and undertow....
Month five: uh..... Fable 2 and dynasty warriors..... Gundam.....
Month five? Ran out of games.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1954d ago

yes I agree. But they should stick to it permanently if they are not going to change their used games policy and always on console. It's the least they can do to their loyal fanbase

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CrossingEden1955d ago

two game of the year winners -_- for free, nothing wrong with that AT ALL

Gridloc1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

How is it FREE if your paying for Xbox live?
@ Dtxx. New idea? Keep telling yourself that...

brich2331955d ago

2 free games a month is 24 games per year. Compared too 18 games from Sony 6 of which are Vita. And Xbox live cost less than PLaystation plus. I get mine for 36$ online.

Dlacy13g1955d ago Now are you going to say the same for PS+? Look ..both are paid services and thankfully due to Sony's success they pushed MS in the direction of offering two games at no extra cost per month to active Gold Members. That is right in line with PS+. Its got lots of downside if you are a Gold member.

garos821955d ago

I agree, better late than never, it's definitely a positive note to see them giving something back to live subscribers.
Imo it makes it worth the asking price now

glennco1954d ago

@Dlacy13g - I wouldn't bother. PS3 fanboyism is like a religion to these people.

IMightBeRetarded1954d ago

Sony gives you access to 18 free games at one time. They rotate in at least 3 free ps3 games and 1 new vita game each month. Microsoft also said they are only doing this up until November. You really try to hard.

Mr_Writer851954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Expect its only for 5 months not a year, so that's 10 not 24.

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kneon1955d ago

It's better than nothing. And who's to say there won't be games you like but don't already have later.

Thirty3Three1955d ago



They said if you carry over your subscription from your 360 console, you'll get halo 2 and ac2.

Thirty3Three1955d ago

As stated in my previous statement, this article is spreading FALSE INFORMATION.

Please report this article so we don't get users confused. False information isn't good.


Anon19741955d ago

I think this is a good call by Microsoft. I'm surprised it's taken them this long, frankly. A good game is a good game, no matter how long it's been on the market and you'll never hear me complain about additional content.

Cam9771955d ago

I laughed so hard!
On the other hand, PS+ users get Uncharted:3.
Too little, too late. They're forgetting the 360 aren't they? They think this'll be enough, it's not!

Y_51501955d ago

I like how there was no reaction when they said AC2 lol!

Snookies121955d ago

Both of those games have been out forever... I'm sure anyone who wanted to play them has already done so by now.

UnHoly_One1955d ago

No different than PS+

"Here you go, have some games for free that you already own."

To a real gamer that buys new games, it's kinda pointless. Even if they give away a free game 2 weeks after launch that is two weeks too late to help me.

The_Troll_Whisperer1954d ago

I wouldn't have played Spec Ops: The Line without PlayStation Plus. Horrible marketing, Horrible sales (under 2 million), and dated graphics....


IMO: The story is very compelling, and quite frankly, better than any other TPS (other than GearOW and Uncharted) in terms of keeping up with its own story, providing enough info on its characters to the point where it puts you in a bad mood when you die or they die in the game, and great voice acting that is powerful enough to keep you engaged in the plot and depth.

I doubt many picked this up before PS+, so if I were you, speak for yourself.

I have spoken.

UnHoly_One1954d ago

I'll give you that one.

That is the one single game on PS+ that I kind of wanted to check out and didn't already own.

Still haven't played it, though.

I don't mean to sound like I hate the idea of giving away these games, I'm really just saying that for me personally, and the way that I buy games, it will generally not benefit me.

I'm not the type to wait for sales or anything, when I want something, I want it NOW. lol

Anyway, sorry if I came off sounding jerky, I certainly didn't mean to.


DigitalAnalog1955d ago

What a sneaky attempt to get as many people for gold and then hold them on lockdown when they discover about the DRM properties.

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DTxx1955d ago

Some people have to bad mouth a new idea because it makes them feel big and important. Anyways im happy with my slim version. Im not buying another version as ill be getting the new xbox. As for free games i have too much too play as it is. But its a nice idea from MS.

Minato-Namikaze1955d ago

But its not a new idea, They are doing it because of PS+. Good for XBL members that get these games though.

theWB271955d ago

Unlike PSplus....Live members can keep the games even if their subscription goes out

Utalkin2me1955d ago


Really so if you let you live run out on xbox1 you can play offline?

TheBlackSmoke1955d ago


If your subscription goes out, how are you a live member anymore?

UnHoly_One1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

You guys realize that they have said that the XB1 needs to check in online every 24 hours, but they have said NOTHING even so much as IMPLYING that you have to be a Gold member.

So yes, I'm sure you can let your Gold subscription end and continue to play with your XB1 as a regular "Silver" member (or whatever they are going to call it when the XB1 launches).

tiffac0081954d ago

As it stands, the free games are only good on your 360 until the X1 comes out. While PS+ will continue to work on your PS3 even after the PS4 comes out.

And what happened to that $99 Xbox 360 Pachter was talking about. That jinx!

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Qrphe1955d ago

>bad mouth a new idea
>new idea

the irony

Ripsta7th1955d ago

>Kinect >:[
>PS Eye :DDD!!



EyeToy send you it's regards from back in October 2003.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1954d ago

You are quite an ignorant fellow. This is what us playstation folks have been trying to get into you xbl folks' heads that you guys were getting ripped off with your current xbl gold membership. At least MS is taking note of sony and for once giving you guys something for free. Took em 8 years though lol

Philoctetes1955d ago

Yep. Not as good as PS+, but better than the current XBL Gold, I guess.

UnHoly_One1955d ago

Assuming this is a "permanent" feature of Xbox Live....

2 games per month = 24 "free" games per year

They said nothing implying that your games are taken back if you let your Gold subscription end.

So how is that "not as good as PS+"?? Sounds like it stomps all over it to me.

Snookies121955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

@UnHoly_One - PS+ members get 4 free games a month. That's 48 games a year. Not to mention they never said how long it would go for. I believe this is only going to be for a few months until the One is launched. (Although I hope it will continue for their gamers' sakes.) The first two games they announced were wonderful for their time, but they've been out for ages now...

So how exactly does this stomp all over PS+?

The_Troll_Whisperer1954d ago


To even be eligible, you have to carry OVER YOUR CURRENT SUBSCRIPTION TO XBOX ONE.

So basically, this is a stealth attempt to get you all in the wagon and forget the no-offline play, only for you to realize: ''Damn, I have to be online''.

I have spoken.


omg copying ps+ u blasteds

gamertk4211955d ago

How ya like those trophies?

Utalkin2me1955d ago

Ummm games had them before xbox was even invented. MS just made it mandatory.


Basically as much as you are enjoying that EyeToy clone and as much as we all are enjoying analog sticks (thank you Ninty). In other words, get over it people, if an idea is good other companies will try to implement 'em too, which is a good thing as long as you are a costumer, not a shill.

peowpeow1955d ago

Where to comment. Ryse looks awesome!

Software_Lover1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

It does. The Particle effects are great.

Looks like Kinect is optional also?

peowpeow1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Is this releasing on 360 too? Looks like fun.

KILLER INSTINCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

aceitman1955d ago

U must not have played god of war 3.

Software_Lover1955d ago

God of War 3 is good also, but what does it have to do with this?

gamertk4211955d ago

Played GOW 3 for an hour and got bored

Minato-Namikaze1955d ago

Definitely small scale compared to GOW.

peowpeow1955d ago

I love GoW haha.

I just like the 'fight alongside others' and close-up feel to this

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GodGinrai1955d ago

just seen the ryse!

Cam9771955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I saw screen-tearing and FPS drops but its an unfinished build I assume so it might get better.

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