E3 2013 - Destiny of Spirits Announced For The PS Vita, First Trailer

As promised, a new PS Vita title debuted during the Spike's all access E3 special. Here's the very first look at the free-to-play title, Destiny of Spirits.

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Nitrowolf21960d ago

yea but I didn't expect anything big to premier during the pre-show.

Least it's free right?

dc11960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I was.... Looking forward to Demons Souls 2 ...(I was loving the whispers prior to the reveal).

Please understand that this :( is real!!

Again.. Looking forward to watching MS in a few mins; and Sony tonight!

NewMonday1960d ago

there was a "troll leak" saying this game was a PS4 sandbox JRPG... they got me

well played x(

Army_of_Darkness1960d ago

These games are free all over the android phone market. Nothing special. I want something like a new FF tactics or suikoden...

Donnieboi1960d ago

I like it. More JRPG's please.

jujubee881960d ago

But who's idea was it to hype this piece up? XD

It's a neat little thingy. Free. Strategy. It's something a friend tells you about and says it's cool when they download it by chance.

Oh well.

dc11960d ago

Not sure why Sony had GT put that out there before The MS conference. Looking forward to 9:00 PM EST for the real Sony review.

But really WTF?

Nightfallen1960d ago

Not what I expected. I had a completely different expectations of this title as well.

Minato-Namikaze1960d ago

Kinda our own fault. We tried to connect dots and make a picture with very little info, lol.

majiebeast1960d ago

Hey its still better then kinect sports rivals.

flyingmunky1960d ago

Poor Rare. I feel sorry for them.

Williamson1960d ago

Hopefully big vita games will be announced during e3.

PersonaCat1960d ago

lmao... so much for it being in line with demon's souls

dc11960d ago

I know man. My Dreams were shattered...really. (no kidding here). At least we have Dark Souls 2! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.