DIehard GameFAN: The Starship Damrey Review

DHGF: The Starship Damrey is less than two hours long and costs $7.99, and that one-two punch may be enough to keep gamers from picking it up. Those that do decide to purchase it, however, will find a fun but simplistic point and click adventure game with an engaging story and very easy puzzles. The Starship Damrey will probably disappoint longtime adventure game fans, as it’s a very generic experience outside of the setting, while people who are relatively new to the genre may find it a gateway to the wide range of better offerings that are out there… and mainly PC exclusives. It’s great to see the 3DS getting another adventure game besides Murder on the Titanic, but The Starship Damrey really is a “one and done” title, offering no real replay value. Here’s hoping this is the start of several fun point and click releases for the 3DS, otherwise fans of the genre won’t really have a reason to switch from their PC to a handheld or console device.

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