The Xbox One Isn’t For You, But That Might Sell You On It

This is a frightening prospect, but one that could become an all too true reality!

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Kingthrash3602053d ago

lol you need a huge user base in order to complete this theory. look at wiiu for example...they have mario thet have money but the wiiu is suffering big time...yeah the devs will like what ms is doing but tge customers are they ones paying tge bills and I know alot of people who will not buy the xb1 simply because they chose the devs over the consumers....they made the worst choice and they will pay. only ms biggest fanboys or people who dont know whats going on will buy it.

I wont buy because i refuse to support this kind of anticonsumer, wallet blasting, ad flowing, cable boxing, lend restricting, rent ignoring, online check uping, cloud bsing, all ways watching trash of a system.

PerryCaravello2053d ago

As much as I'm turned off by this Green Menace, I'm still excited during these console reveals.

Puts me right back in 2005 when the xbox360 was unveiled. Memories.