GamerZines | Guild Wars 2 - Dragon Bash Festival Preview

GamerZines writes:

Tomorrow the Dragon Bash festival comes to Guild Wars 2 for the very first time, and ArenaNet was kind enough to give us a sneak peak of what this surprisingly foreboding festival actually has in store for all players of this one-time fee MMORPG.

Like festivals in the original Guild Wars, there isn’t any fee associated with this event. Instead all those who have a copy of Guild Wars 2 get to join in the dragon-smashing, moa-chasing and ball-flinging fun. The basic premise behind it is that the world of Tyria needs to blow off some steam despite the ever present threat of the Elder Dragons returning and killing, you know, everyone.

It’s a propaganda exercise essentially. An opportunity to tell the otherwise scared rigid occupants of Tyria, don’t worry about the dragons – look how silly this hat looks instead or cheer along with the crowd as this giant this dragon effigy is set on fire in a ritualistic fashion.

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