PQube Announces the Official Release Date of MotoGP 13 Demo

PQube and Milestone, one of the most recognized racing videogame developers and publishers for consoles and Windows PC, announces theofficial release date of the Demo Version for its upcoming Motorbike titleMotoGP 13, the MotoGP World Championship 2013 official game, which will be out on 21st June 2013.

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urwifeminder1956d ago

Hope it is like the THQ games or superbike series the last few were skipped for me but I think milestone will do a good job pc demo please.

GuyThatPlaysGames1956d ago

MotoGP is a garbage series with half-ass visuals and gameplay. The only game that has done good with superbikes is Tourist Trophy on the ps2. It was made by Polyphony Digital, the same people that make Gran Turismo. I am a huge superbike fan and own one and it gets extremely aggravating to play a game that isn't even close to what it should be. But then again that's just me.

coolasj1956d ago

Pending news : 0. Yup, this is gonna be a good/big day.

GodGinrai1956d ago

I loved the old moto GP games that were on the first xbox. Moto GP 06 on 360 was the last good moto GP game I played. I hope this one is good.

urwifeminder1956d ago

Me too climax were right on the money with 06 and 07 even moto gp urt I still have them.