Gears of war achievements revealed

Gears of War achievements revealed and they look good!

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Thump19676251d ago

What can you say they look sweet as hell,long live GOW

God of Gaming6251d ago

WOW... might be the most complete achievements to date. Perfect, most can be picked up within a couple months and then they slap that 10,000 kills one on you to keep you playing. Fantastic job Epic!!!

2tired2day2hate6251d ago

the "my love for you is like a truck" achievement is funny. if you dont know, the movie clerks had a song in the soundtrack called berzerker. im pretty sure it was a german band or something if i remember correctly and it had terrible lyrics like "my love for you is like a truck, BERZERKER! would you like some making f*ck, BERZERKER!" i think someone sings it in the movie too

benny o klaatt6251d ago

nah they were russian, called f ck you yankie blue jeans, awesome man, simply awesome. this game is gonna be #1

kmis876251d ago

My favorite one is "The Nuge." I got quite a good chuckle out of it.

crazyman6251d ago

yeah there are some funny achievements there

my favorate is the spider one, nice red vs blue reference

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Sorry, CliffyB, But "Gears of War" Doesn’t Need A "God of War"- Style Reboot

Shaz from GL writes: “In an interview, Cliff Bleszinski says that he’d be interested in helping develop a Gears of War reboot akin to God of War. Unnecessary? I think so.”

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Jin_Sakai27d ago

Regardless, Gears of War gameplay feels outdated this day and age.

spicelicka25d ago

I completely disagree. Outdated in what way? There is literally no other cover based TPS multiplayer game like it and the core gameplay is so good that people still play Gears 1 today. I can't think of any games that has shotgun battles like Gears. The real issue is that there is simply no new audience for it, because the learning curve is so steep. It just needs to market itself better and the work needs to be done on the campaign side. Better to just split up the single player and multiplayer as two different projects and releases.

Also, this who "reboot" discussion isn't considering the fact that God of war doesn't have multiplayer as a significant portion of the game. Single player only games have a lot more freedom to change. With Gears you have to consider that there's an entire community still playing every day, so you can't just change the core gameplay balance. On top of that they can't dedicate as many resources to single player as God of war, because the budget has to be split with multiplayer.

25d ago
Gamingsince198124d ago

There is no other one like it because there is no demand for that style of game, kinda obvious really. If there was an interest in gears style games the market would be flooded with them.

lucian22924d ago

Gears of War 1 and 2 were bad combat wise.... Story wise too. I beat both of them because of the hype and gave up after that.

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GamerRN25d ago

I agree. It needs done kind of overhaul, but I don't think a God of War style would suit this game.

I gotta be honest I don't know what it needs, but it needs something ... And 5 wasn't it

terrorofdeath24d ago

Maybe it's a reboot more in the sense of a more emotional storyline or something like God of War, and some small tweaks in terms of gameplay.

anast25d ago

They don't have the talent to do a GoW style reboot.

DOMination-25d ago

Do you have a genuine reason to come to that conclusion, other than it not being a PlayStation studio?

The Coalition probably have the best and most knowledge team on Unreal Engine 5 outside of Epic. I'd have thought if anyone "had the talent", it would be them.

Rude-ro25d ago

Because they did not do a fantastic job when they took over the ip.

In fact, the majority of ips under Microsoft shows complete signs of cheap development with bigger marketing budgets.

More make up on dated engines can work… but can not be mistaken for innovative.
No innovation equals no ability to push a franchise into anything new.
Take the “open world” introduction in the last gears…
Empty vast traveling areas to get to pre determined “random” encounter areas is a cheap developing approach.. not innovation to build any trust into.

kneon25d ago

Even if they were the best in the world at UE5 that would only mean that they might make a great looking game. It takes a lot more than that to make a great game.

anast24d ago

"Do you have a genuine reason to come to that conclusion, other than it not being a PlayStation studio?"

History and current output.