E3 2013: All Access Live Coverage

E3 starts early with GT. Get a full rundown of our exclusive All Access programming.

*Credit URL includes games being shown and at what time for this stream.*

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xBigxBossx1956d ago

Prepare to Joy Puke Your Face Off in..


darthv721956d ago

That makes it tied with ps3 and even the genesis for number of physical design changes.

irepbtown1955d ago


That's the confirmed Xbox One price :D

brodychet1955d ago

Wow TitanFall looks amazing.

Neonridr1955d ago

$499 is high for a game console launch, but people pay that much for tablets, so I guess it's not out of this world.


I don't think the price is that bad, but I'm still not inclined to buy a Xbox One for their policies, seen like too much money to such a limited bound gaming console (or, to be more precise, what bothers me the most is the price of games, no announce there, with so much limitations and hypothetically improving publishers business by limiting used market I kind of expected a cut)... Right now I'm still more inclined to PS4, but not closing any deal yet... Gotta see more on games, price and policies there too.

Regardless of my grips with MS, I'm totally loving how gaming wise it's shaping up this gen, maybe even getting Xbone later on (long time since I last owned 2 console at the same time, I usually don't see much benefit from it) but even if not, I see it going a much tougher competition for Sony than in the last years (which for me, costumer, works damn fine, they can fight it off over my money). MS definetelly got games right this time around, plenty of in house devs working on big games... I'm not completelly convinced they'll keep it up (afterall they had done this with 360, great first party gaming support early and casual land later on), but this time at least it looks like a much deeper (not just bigger) investment on first party, can completelly see GOTY contender material there.

Also this may had been their best E3 presentation in quite some time, no wasting time on Kinect crap, barelly presented social features, it was game after game (and good ones). I don't like how devs kept talking they could only do that with Cloud yet no one explains it (and I don't see that much of an advantage if any at all, the best I got from it was Forza adaptative AI, but quite frankly that's hardly what they've been implying as the power of cloud), but still, this didn't took away a bit from the games themselves which looked all good enough. Also they keep up with the misleading ad technique, like MGS opening saying it's being shown for the first time or how you had this BF4 first on Xbox One banner hanging there a lot of time (and of course, it needed a technical hiccup to go along, this is MS E3 tradition afterall, and it even was kind of fun) to only later they barelly mention it's just DLC. To sum it up, it had it's WTF moments, but this (second?) first impression was good, focus on the right place.

So, even if I'm not buying, I'm definetelly impressed with MS! Now the ball is on Sony's court. I don't expect 'em to go that deep into game only as they have more to reveal on the console and it's been more time since their first console presentation, but still, considering they have more time, I hope nothing less than at least as many/as good games and good pricing (and better costumer policies sure wouldn't hurt).

NewMonday1955d ago

don't forget $500 does not include XBLGold

darthv721955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

new Battlefront....YES

Hot pursuit titles are my favorite in the NFS series. It looks really good.

kreate1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I just pre-ordered mine :)
the xbox one

nirwanda1955d ago

@irepbgtown and neonrider
I think its too much for a console I could build a pc for around the same price with an ssd and buy the games at a cheeper price.

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brodychet1956d ago

Im pissed that Insomniac is with Microsoft now. BUT that game of theirs looks pretty fun.

darthv721955d ago

of the game as well. Over the top style and that record shooting gun was funny as hell.

Causing some one hit kills with one hit wonders.


My only problem with that is that the presentation wasn't gameplay and it ended dubious... It started with the parkour and all looking like a R&C cross third person shooter, but ended like a top down shooter with enemy waves and power ups... Anyway, still looks like a really fun game, the crazy weapons Ratchet & Clank style definetely put a smile in my face.

Also, Spark looked great, LBP on stereoids, now I'm really pumped to see if Sony has a response.

husomc1955d ago

those zombie things look like direc ripoff from the resistance alien characters

Donnieboi1955d ago

The "Destiny" reveal kinda disappointed. Nothing special. Just another fps.

Emilio_Estevez1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Party starts at 1150 am EST with a pre-show that will unveil the 'Summer of Arcade' games for 360 as well as a 'new first-party Xbox One title'.

"Livestream begins at 11:50am et./ 8:50am pt with a special PSVita worldwide reveal."

Donnieboi1956d ago

Thanks for putting all of these live streams Emilio. This makes it a lot simpler for us :)

Emilio_Estevez1956d ago

That's basically what we try and do. We'll make sure they are all posted on the front page when the news is most relevant. So they may change up and down in heat based on current relevance.

Protagonist1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Worldwide Exclusive Vita title being revealed today!

GO PS Vita.

PS Hey did we all just get 5 bubbles each?

Y_51501956d ago

Finally! I've always wanted more bubbles! :P

Septic1956d ago

Thanks man...none of the other links were working on my work PC.

Zeniix1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Can't fking wait! I'm hoping for some awesome titles!


I am going to say that killer instinct or conker is coming.

TrevorPhillips1956d ago

Thou shall reveal thy new PS4 console soon and cannot wait for the PS4 games and many more! :D

sephiroth4201956d ago

anyone know whats going on with the square enix/final fantasy conference?

Majin-vegeta1956d ago

I think we'll have to wait till Sony conference for that one.It's at 6 P.M PST and it's barely 8:11 A.M. here.

sephiroth4201953d ago

thank you, i found it in the end :D, is anyone else pissed that goku or vegeta isnt in smash bros?