State of Decay Review - X360Gamer "The first game from a rookie studio. No hype. Set in the aftermath of yet another zombie holocaust. A seemingly extortionate price point. This is a done deal. Surely Undead Labs' Xbox 360 exclusive State of Decay isn't worthy of your time or your 1600 Microsoft points?"

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Nightcrawler9131955d ago

Love this game. I just wish it was a full retail game.

malokevi1955d ago

Class4 will be awesome.

SJPFTW1955d ago

$20 and its still better than a lot of retail games out there.

YodaCracker1955d ago

Another XBLA gem, loving it so far.

Rebo001955d ago

The one reason to own a 360 has just appeared

malokevi1955d ago

Oh yah, and Xbox Live, which makes PSN look like a useless toy.

Rebo001954d ago

Sorry is Xbox Live free?
If you have had issues with PSN it's your crappy connection because apart from the hacking issue that happened PSN has worked fine for me for all these years

malokevi1954d ago

You get what you pay for.

PSN does nothing. Xbox Live is spectacular.

Cherchez La Ghost1955d ago

I have at least 5 of my friends playing this game. We all giving tips to each other. We all were shocked on how good this game is!

IRetrouk1955d ago

Yeah its a good game, bit buggy but still a really solid experiance, love the fact that its so open ended.