Microsoft's Live E3 Conference

What else does Microsoft have in store for the Xbox One? Find out at their E3 2013 press conference!

Coverage starting at 12 EST, 9 PDT.


Live stream video embed now active.

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True_Samurai1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Can't wait show me the goods Microsoft! 2hrs and 20min to go! (Central Time)
Lol disagrees Fanboys Tell Me Why You mad!

abzdine1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

All in One.. Input One

here's why..LOL

hulk_bash19871957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Microsoft knows they're in trouble, press wise, since the reveal so I am pretty sure they will learn from it and rebound. My prediction is that E3 will probably be great across all platforms.

Well is 12am here so its time for me to catch some zzz's. Looking forward to waking up tomorrow and seeing what is in store for current and next gen. Good night/morning every one, Happy E3.

Yup a good bloodbath always gets fanboys all riled up. haha

devwan1957d ago

@ hulk Well that would be fairly boring, I want a bloodbath and controversy and tons of jaw-dropping games ;)

Ritsujun1957d ago

All in one. FBI-friendly one.

DonFreezer1957d ago

This is not funny.You can call funny the fact that even if Sony f****d up your entire friends and family you would stilll support them so stop crying.

malokevi1957d ago

All in one? Sound like exactly what I want.

Give me some stellar games, and Im sold. Hell, Im already sold, because the games WILL be stellar!

Xbox, ON!

NewMonday1957d ago

this will be the first time I watch a snuff video ;p

hope my stomach can handle it

loulou1957d ago

metal gear looks awesome

NewMonday1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

It's so funny I get to watch PS4/PC game highlights in the MS conference.

MGS5 and Witcher3 blow my mind


as if we need other reasons

XB1= $500 USA, 500 euros, 430 UK pounds

audience was shocked! (but then the MS guy grimaced at a section of the crowd then the cheers started LOL!)

oh well, this seals the "no deal"

the "true" exclusives I will miss are Spark, World of Tanks, Quantum Break, D4 and Halo, but I will most likely just borrow an XBone for a summer to play them( and most likely pre-loaded and free XD)

Tyre1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Nosebleed style, they didn't say a word about Kinect & the DRM. They hope to mesmorize everybody with the cool games and cancelled all 1:1 interviews hoping it will blow over, but that has nothing to do with the restrictions build into the system. The games looked cool, too bad. They had a chance too come with honesty and speak about the worries head on. The 'thank you gamers for making us money' to the gamers is also a way to not mention the backlash and make it look like the press is the fault of it all and 'We do not blame the gamers for the backlash'. Guess what? If they really were thankful for the community they would have made some consessions to the community and adressed the DRM & Kinect worries right away and admitting they are harsh. They make it look like they give a shit, but in fact they didn't say anything. They hope to make it look like it is just the same as before, but it is shamefully not.

NewMonday1957d ago

true XBox fans can pressure MS to turn things around, tweet them to change the following:

- XB1 must be playable TOTALLY off-line for non SP games, that includes stopping shoehorning online to the SP campaigns just to justify DRM.

- Kinect CANNOT be mandatory to operate the console, XB1 must be conveniently operational without the camera plugged-in.

- DATA COLLECTION must be FULLY DISCLOSED at the first startup of the console after initial purchase and the option to totally disable it MUST be given before starting, WITHOUT "reserving the right" to change the policy in the future.

- physical games must retain their purpose, "digital games" belong in the "digital store"

- the PRICE is EFFECTIVELY $600 if we include the cost of XBLGold, it must be $400 with a free year of Gold subscription.

we can live with the lower graphical power of the XB1 and even the ridiculously high price, the true exclusive games themselves are good, even if well short of the "15 exclusives" BS, but not anywhere close to make consumers give up their rights, if MS comply then they can turn the ship around.

BattleAxe1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Microsoft had a pretty good conference. Games that impressed me:

- Ryse: Son of Rome
- MGS5
- The Witcher 3
- Battlefield 4 (so real looking it scared the crap out of me)
- Titanfall

If I were to ever buy an Xbor One, it would definitely be because of Ryse: Son of Rome, it looked amazing.

Biggest disappointment of the Xbox One conference, was seeing Ted Price come out on stage and saying that their new game was only possible on Xbox One. To top it off, the game looked like crap. Ted Price must be spending too much time in Washington State smoking the Ganja, because the decisions that he is making just don't make sense.

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VitaOwner1957d ago

I'm getting a PS4 but I'm still really excited for Microsoft's conference. Actually, I'm excited for every conference every E3 no matter what I have or am getting.

True_Samurai1957d ago

Now that's the way a true gamer talks :-)

vickers5001957d ago

Even if you don't like Microsoft, their press conference is bound to have some footage of some good multiplatform games, which should be at least one reason for everybody to be excited.

Another reason to get excited, is that Microsoft might bomb so hard that it's worth it just to see how hilariously bad it will be.

karl1957d ago

this is gonna be awesome.. im trying to find a pc to watch the conference... 20 minutes left at least

malokevi1957d ago

Both or bust. Haters will be missing out!

yeahokchief1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

As a Vita owner, PS+ subscriber and all around hater of social media devices/intrusive cameras in my living room/kinect...

I gotta admit TITANFALL looked BADASS. It looked more fun than Killzone Shadowfall. Kinda like a hybrid of Battlefield meets Mirrors edge with mechs.

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VitaOwner1957d ago

Yeh, there is no point in having a team. This generation I had an xbox 360 the entire generation until I bought a ps3 5 days ago. If it's a good game, I will play it.

Tacklebait1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I bought a ps3 a year ago. Grab uncharted, god of war, infamous and heavy rain from the used games bin. So cheap... and sooooo goood.

I was in heaven for a good period of time after I picked up my ps3.

Edit.. where the hell did all my bubbles come from. I've been rocking 3 bubbles for ever!

Divine1957d ago

@yeahokchief better than killzone?? thats a bit much .lol. although im getting the ps4 i gottah say titan fall and ryse looks WICKED

r1sh121957d ago

I am looking forward to hear about the new IPs, but as much as I love my xbox 360 - I will not be buying the One in its current state.

And lets face it, the reveal was nothing short of a train wreck, which is exactly what I feel will happen here..
After the exclusive games are announced.
Imagine how much confusion there must be, if they cancelled the roundtable and exec face to face meetings.
Its a shame, because at certain points in the current gen MS did some great things :(

Atomicjuicer1957d ago

I'm actually considering skipping the conference because I don't want my games to stop working in a few years (when they eventually turn off the servers for older/less popular games).

But hey. If you want to celebrate the death of gaming - you're free to do so. Oh freedom, wait, that's another concept being threatened by xbox prism. Well, enjoy it while it lasts.

shadow27971957d ago

It doesn't matter what timezone you're in, it's still the same amount of time until the conference starts...

Chitown712911957d ago

Lmao I was gonna say the same thing

True_Samurai1957d ago

Yea I forgot to put 11:30 am that's what I meant by central time

Benjammin251957d ago

If you want to look forward to the potential death of console gaming, then fine. I won't get in your way.

Gildarts1957d ago

30 minutes left!! Come one Microsoft give us our games back!


kamakaz3md1957d ago

they dont have any, bahahaha...


Disagree don't equal that fanboys are mad we disagree cause ms has nothing to be exited about

metaltales491957d ago

I just got done watching it look like you going to have to wait a little longer to show all those "fanboys" that your 500 dollars xbox one isn't a piece of crap

Action GO FIGURE1957d ago

I'm really getting sick of this picture now.

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Tatsuya 1957d ago

Kinect games, haha yeah. It's coming and you know it!

Cherchez La Ghost1957d ago

Please don't defer my dreams... Hell, I'll say it... "I GOT SOME HOPE FOR YOU, MS"!! They need some at this point. I pray they'll kill the 24hr. DRM check. The military doesn't have internet everywhere they deployed at.

Tatsuya 1957d ago

you don't look like a fool. So I'll answer your dreams, It's not going to happen unless you take away their money!

yugovega1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

as a gamer you should hope they don't show kinect titles. kinect titles will sell the xbone to the masses. better hope for a bunch of titles noones ever heard of. if you are against ms's policies like almost everyone on this site.

what are you talking about? i never said gamers are the ones not liking kinect games. gamers are the ones complaining about the policies ms are putting in place. if you don't want those to succeed then you shouldn't want the xbone to succeed hence you wouldn't want the masses getting on board. and it's no question the masses eat up kinect games. no fanboy meant. personally i enjoy kinect games and all motion games, i don't however enjoy being forced to check in online every day. to each their own.

falviousuk1957d ago

I'm a gamer and i enjoyed some of the kinect titles, such as kinect adventures, kinect sports and a few others.

Don't label everyone by your standards. Just because you do not like something, means that everyone should not like it.

malokevi1957d ago

I want to see kinect titles... HARDCORE kinect titles.... fingers crossed.

falviousuk1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Having to connect online at least once every 24 hours does not bother me in the slightest, my xbox 360, (ps3 when i had one), imac, laptop, mobile phone are all constantly connected to the internet.

Im not bothered about the kinect always being on, however it can be turned of. And we never hear about anyone jumping up and down regarding their mobile phone having an integrated camera, or their laptops having a built in camera.
I never rent games, so again, that doesnt bother me. I do occasionally buy used games, but it appears as though we can still do this with the xbox one, still need all the details though regarding exactly how it will work.

All in all, the games look great, the system looks sleek, im looking forward to seeing how much better kinect 2.0 is and what they do with it.

All in all a good conference from MS.

koolaid2511957d ago

So was the Playstation move an epic fail? Did they make any money off of it?

GameSpawn1957d ago

PlayStation Move never really failed nor succeeded. Sony's approach to the Move has always been a "it's there" approach; this seems to be continuing with the PS4.

There aren't too many Move-only (Move-required) games. There are TONS of Move-compatible games, but in every one of them Move is optional; some work better with Move than others, but if you don't have a Move controller there is nothing preventing you from playing with just a normal controller.

However there is a different story with Microsoft's Kinect where just about EVERY Kinect game is Kinect-only. Kinect was literally shoved down 360 owners throats and Kinect 2.0 is being shoved as well. We'll see what games they announce in a couple hours, but don't be surprised by overwhelming support for Kinect games because every Xbox One has a Kinect included.

VISUAL-ANT31957d ago

GameSpawn's comment is so fanboy fueled I had to laugh along with all the agrees that followed, pretty sad. Kinect was supported because it sold a ton. How was it shoved down your throat? Did your Xbox 360 not function without it, or was it because there were a lot of options and games? I didn't know that was a bad thing.
Sony's Move was a failure since nobody bought it hence no support or games. I guess when you're a fanboy you can sugarcoat anything to make it not seem so bad. Have fun with your colored ping pong ball wannabe Wii/Kinect device.

Cherchez La Ghost1957d ago


LoL!! Well I won't be asking nothing from you on Christmas! Dreambreaker!! LoL!! Today is going to be very interesting. If they do Kinect, the need some core games for it.

Gildarts1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

i bet my ass they're not going to show more then 2 games that are 100% kinect.

I have faith in them lol

wait how come i have 5 bubbles?

Probably because N4G want the conversations to last post E3.

dark-hollow1957d ago

And ZERO kinect only games were shown.

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urwifeminder1957d ago

Starts at 2am here will stay up for sure crash around 4am I will just catch up on Nintendo and any pc announcements.

Locksus1957d ago

I'm going to watch this conference, sure, but I'm honestly not expecting much from it.
The thing is, the games could be the best ones ever made, but the console and its restrictions are putting a lot of gamers off, and I hope MS will notice that. It cannot possibly be good for the company
Vote with your wallets, people!

Hanso1957d ago

well said and i agree good games dont change a thing

Septic1957d ago

Spoken like a true gamer.....oh no wait.....