Xbox One Used-Game Policy Makes Sense – And Could Win the Console War

DailyGame: "When clarifying its Xbox One used-game policy, Microsoft seemed to send a troubling message to the very customers who made it the current-gen console sales leader. The questions have been legit, but amid all the outcry, one interesting facet remains unexplored that could ... guarantee Microsoft wins the console war once and for all with the Xbox One. Microsoft may be planning to reduce the MSRP for the next generation."

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illtownNJONE1983d ago

If this happens ..............woah

papashango1983d ago

Brace Yourselves

The fanboys are coming.

Cupid_Viper_31983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

"Microsoft seemed to send a troubling message to the very customers who made it the current-gen console sales leader."

I can't even take this article seriously when they can't get simple facts right.

they're in f*cking last place worlwide! Sales Leader?

"Microsoft may be planning to reduce the MSRP for the next generation."

Ugh We already have a company that reduces the MSRP for games, that company is called Sony and the service is call PlayStation Plus, where for $49.99 you're guaranteed at least 12 retail Games in a year. That's 1 game a month at the bare minimum.

F*ckouttahere with that nonsense article.

NatureOfLogic1983d ago

It seems like there's still quite a few fans living inside MS bubble.

avengers19781983d ago

Where does Xbox defense force get there sales figures from, how does last place in sales make ms the sales leader.
Everything said after that statement is just crap

No FanS Land1983d ago

Cupid Viper 3

It does make a lot of sense the reduced price tag. and frankly, going in a store and seeing all those games priced at 45$, for example is appealing.

It's not written in the electronics department that PS+ offers 12 free games a year with some other goodies and if it is, it's kinda hidden.

But I'm still against Xb one's policies.

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theBAWSE1983d ago

Microsoft the company that nickel and dime their current gamers for every cent they can including paying for online...

Won't let indies develop on the console unless they get a fat share of the profits

Who are now DOING this DRM nonsense including no lending of games because Microsoft do not get any scrilla from that...

Are going to release full games at a reduced price.?

LMFAOOOOOOOOO what is the author of this article smoking?

The whole reason Microsoft are doing this is to screw the gamer out of MORE money not to make less

_-EDMIX-_1983d ago

I could not agree more the notion of Microsoft doing this is just an utter joke.

this company's entire point for doing this had nothing to do with the "industry" as a whole is that everything to do with greed. to think for a minute that when they control the market they're going to somehow discount games is a joke they will if anything game prices will stay up, the only thing that's keeping prices discounted are used games in a free market once that market is controlled through a system.... it's over.

think about it like this burnout paradise was $20 on PSN when it first came out.... since then over those years its only loward about 5 bucks.... there is no free market, there is no overhead, there is no stock therefore there's no reason to ever change the price on a digital item, ( but PC you say) PC games are released both as retail and as digital thus the free market allows for such a thing.

Microsoft never even tried to put a spin on why it was doing any of this they don't seem to care... sometimes you might get a straight answer trying to make it sound like it was for technological advancement instead it's pretty straightforward Microsoft are very much doing it for money. . if that's the case and that's the attitude that they have about the situation I have no clue what anybody thought that games would lower after such a thing


deanobi1983d ago

On Amazon it doesn't surprise that the Xbox One is out pre-ordering the PS4. Microsoft has shown their hand, Sony as far as I'm concerned must be bluffing considering they announced first and haven't shown their hand. Xbox One has called PS4's bluff and will win the next gen console race. Their business model makes total sense.

Software_Lover1983d ago

This gen was a wash basically. I expect next gen to be the same. This isn't PS2 vs everything else. No one outright won this gen.

resi51983d ago

In what way did Sony not show their hand

Darrius Cole1983d ago

This article is delusional. Apparently the author thinks that Sony is going to sit by and do nothing if Microsoft tries to undercut Sony on game prices. The other people here are correct, the author is smoking some very potent dope.

First of all cutting prices is not Microsoft's M.O.
Secondly, if Microsoft sere to cut new game prices Sony would respond in kind, and we would have a price war.

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medman1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Sure it makes makes perfect nonsense.

Anon19741983d ago

"But what if Microsoft is planning on...wait for it...SLASHING ALL IT'S GAME PRICES!"

Because that's something Microsoft, the company that charges for basic online play, would do, and that publishers and developers would all get behind.



The publisher/developer controls the price. I doubt prices would drop because of a specific console maker.

_-EDMIX-_1983d ago

I'm done with this article this might have been the stupidest article I read on the site to date.

I guess there forgetting that Microsoft announced this feature while not even an explanation of exactly why it exist.

ie for unexplained reasons ladies and gentlemen it's an install only system, the hard drive can't be removed and is with DRM...

errr yeah. it wasnt even spun to sound like a good thing at all, at this point you're better off owning a damn PC, at least you could copy your hard drive and save those games somewhere vs the library is technically determined by whether or not Microsoft even decides that you can play the game or not with DRM checks essentially stop you from playing the game ie if Activision what ya want you to play the next battlefield or call of duty what to say they just stop the servers from DRM checking that game? if the Xbox one turns into a brick if you don't check in online every 24 hours essentially means at any moment in anytime a company could turn off your ability to play a game you bought.

But hey it's for the good of the industry right? and we know this how? In this is guaranteed if they're going to do this how again? if you consider they're trying to say that you merely are paying for the time privilege to play a single player game that you purchased..... slowly take that in consideration and now I understand what that means for sequels.... they could essentially for multiplayer games cut off the game in order to get you to play the new game in fact they could cut off entire libraries if they felt like it.

Anon19741982d ago

...AAAAAND, it's BS. Thanks for playing.

medman1983d ago

Sure...and if if's and but's were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry christmas. Ain't gonna happen. In fact, I'd be willing to bet Microshit will be raising the price of Xbox live gold and with their "always online" philosophy, I believe a live gold membership will become mandatory to use the console and the silver membership will be gone. Good luck with that. If folks let this company get away with rape and murder, they deserve the treatment they get.

xhi41983d ago

I seriously hope not. For gamers sake.

But, I keep wondering if we as hard-core gamers really have enough consumer power to stop DRM and always online from coming to consoles?

I really hope so, but I just don't know.

yugovega1983d ago

hard-core gamers don't have enough consumer power. that was proven last gen when the casuals caused sony and ms to hop on the motion gaming craze. hate to admit it but this will be the future unless nintendo somehow shows the old way still works. which they can, the only problem is the bad press the "hard-core" gamin media is giving it is hurting it in the casuals eyes.

NatureOfLogic1983d ago

So you really believe that no core gamers bought the Wii? You believe that the Wii was successful on casuals alone? You're so narrow minded It's sadly shocking.

yugovega1983d ago

oh i'm just going on n4g gamer fanboy logic. but without a doubt the wii was successful because of casuals. and also without a doubt the 360 and ps3 sales picked up when the casuals moved on the cod. core gamers did buy wii but they abandoned it due to "tha grahix". core gamers are the ones who have lost their way.

Why o why1983d ago

If we stand united, maybe. The shills will continue to act like all is well. Ill support the resistance because I dont want sony to follow suit. By voicing this I am also supporting the 360 guys who are also annoyed. Ill save the point scoring and banter for another time. You link me to any petition and I'm gunna sign that. Gimme an email and ill spam it.

_-EDMIX-_1983d ago

it worked on PC. Ubisoft stopped using DRM inside their PC games after their sales dropped of Assassin's Creed on PC.

at the end of the day DRM only hurts the core purchasing consumer and a pirate is hurt by this how?

piracy has very little presence on console due to the ease of it on PC, this is there for them to control the market so that way it's no longer a free market. if you think the market won't go pay to play you're dead wrong we already don't have the right to use the damn game when its offline ie up to when they say so....

Tiqila1983d ago

I think we do have. Us core gamer might not be the majority of the customer base of a console anymore, but sure as hell we are buying more games.

vividi1983d ago

I think is a bad president

Veni Vidi Vici1983d ago

Precedent. Just an FYI because what you said is probably going to start a poop storm of political BS on a gaming forum.

vividi1982d ago

oops, LOL I mean presedent