Life, The Universe, And Gaming: A Comprehensive Critique Of The Xbox One

An opinion column via in which the author attempts to comprehensively critique the Xbox One from the perspective of an Xbox fan who might just be keen on purchasing a One, give or take a few modifications.

Quote: "I don’t know, hey. The next generation of consoles… we held it up for so long as something that was coming, like winter to a Stark, and we could not wait to see what we got next from the great manufacturers. Who would have thought that the week before E3 would be quite possibly the most tumultuous, confusing and possibly depressing time of the year, as far as gaming goes. Who would have thought that it would get so heated that almost the entire gaming community joined hands and became united in their single, focused hatred of the policies introduced by Microsoft with their upcoming Xbox One.

I know I didn’t. "

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