Microsoft’s Xbox One policies might be ‘anti-consumer’, but they’re pro-industry

EDGE - Xbox One’s piracy and pre-owned plan will ensure developers get paid for their work – and Sony could follow suit.

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Majin-vegeta2894d ago

Obviously but who keeps them afloat consumers or the Devs?

NatureOfLogic2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Pro-industry? What's a industry with no consumers?

Lou-Cipher2894d ago

Definitely a ridiculous article from Edge.

Next article: The worlds best water park without the use of water. ;)

greenpowerz2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Anti-industry? What are consumers without industry?

Fight piracy, keep studios from going out of business, keep costs down, more games etc etc.

Consumers will follow the products they wan't. MSFT already sees the effect with deals with EA & Respawn etc.

Skips2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

"What are consumers without industry?"

Bored people who will probably find other sources for entertainment???

An industry without consumers are people without jobs. The video game industry NEEDS consumers kiddo. Not the other way around.

tiffac0082894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Well it seems we have become a generation compliant to change even if it has a negative effect to the community. I guess sales is more important than basic consumer rights these days.

Montrealien2894d ago

the problem is, the vocal online community is still not the majority, and the majority, quite frankly, don't give a f#$*. Sorry.

MysticStrummer2894d ago

@green -

Industry survives because of consumer needs/wants, not the other way around.

Industry may try to anticipate and/or influence consumer needs and wants, but that doesn't mean industry will get it right when they do that.

Montrealien2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Not to jump in here, but the consumers needs and wants in this industry are videogames, last time I checked the xbox one will have video games.

I am not a big fan of these new policies btw, but I am more on the "I don't give a fuck" side of things also.

NatureOfLogic2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

@ Montrealien

It's people like you with a diminutive amount of intelligence that these policies were even considered in the first place. You're incapable of seeing the bigger picture. Blinded by brand loyalty and ignoring your rights as a overall consumer for video games.

Montrealien2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Well, that was nice of you. Maybe I should post on N4G for the last 4 years on how xbots and dum and Sony is god like you, would that make me smarter? Will that help me see the bigger picture?

edit: sorry, that was off topic. the only point I wanted to bring up is that as a passionate gamer, I will have all the consoles anyways, so since I support all consoles, the fact that one of them is a little extreme on the DRM side of things, I do have many choices and I do support all consoles. That's why for me, I don't really give a F$&* about how MS seems to be approching this gen.

Imalwaysright2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

@ Montreal This is not about fanboyism, core gamers, casual gamers or people that are vocal against MS practices on the internet. This is about consumers in general and their rights and if you think otherwise you're just fooling yourself. Let the majority of consumers know that they can't do whathever the hell they want with their property and lets see how many of them will support MS greed. Unlike fanboys consumers care more about themselves and their rights than they care about multi billion $ companies and their greed.

Anon19742894d ago

You know what's good for the industry? Taking care of your consumers and you don't look after your consumers by dictating to them how and when they use a product they've purchased from you.

You want to protect against piracy, I'm 100% for that. Secure your damn hardware. That's how it's done. Not by telling me I can't lend my game to my brother in law for a week, or telling a third in the US without high speed internet to go pound sand. 40% of 360 users out there never signed up for a XBL account, but I'm sure they'll all be happy to be forced online this go around.

I'm a passionate gamer as well, but being a passionate gamer doesn't mean I'm going to throw my money at a product with policies I don't support. It's not like there's going to be a shortage of great games to play if I skip the XBox One this generation in the hopes that Microsoft smartens the hell up.

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Gildarts2894d ago

Yeah but you're still going to buy it. Whether it has DRM or not. If you don't then no one will miss you, you would be in the minority.

MysticStrummer2894d ago

Going by the last two gens, MS fans are the minority.

Montrealien2894d ago

Not in North America they are not and maybe Microsoft just decided to not care about anything else and just settle with the North American market since they know many consumers here won't care to much about controversies of their new policies and just buy sh$%.

MysticStrummer2894d ago

@Montrealien - I think you're mostly right about that. it remains to be seen whether NA consumers will ultimately go for the One, but I think there's no question MS's decisions about the One will negatively impact worldwide sales, and not by a small amount.

I wonder what percentage of the 360s that were never taken online was sold in NA, because a decent percentage of that number won't buy a One just because of the online requirement. Others may be turned off by some other factor or factors.

We shall see.

I hope for your sake, and the sake of all who buy a One, MS changes their mind about some things before launch.

Montrealien2894d ago

I completly agree, imho one thing would make this a whole lot better, and that is to give you some form of "Offline" mode, like we get with steam.

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die_fiend2894d ago

'Obviously but who keeps them afloat consumers or the Devs?'

Both surely? Who do you think makes the games?

yugovega2894d ago

no see you don't undestand, in this case developers are not cared about, but in the case of the wiiu it's all that matters. n4g logic

Christopher2894d ago


It will ensure PUBLISHERS and UPPER MANAGEMENT get paid more. DEVELOPERS get paid for their work as they get a salary no matter if the game succeeds or fail. They rarely, extremely rarely, get anything more than that based on game sales.

The mass majority of this money will go to higher management, not to the developers.

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Lou-Cipher2894d ago

"Microsoft’s Xbox One policies might be ‘anti-consumer’, but they’re pro-industry"

That is a contradiction.

If consumers don't want to touch Xbox One or Buy Xbox One games, how on earth is that helping the game industry?

The INDUSTRY relies on Consumers. THE END.

deno2894d ago

They lost one customer here who purchased the original xbox and xbox 360 when both released. See you later Microsoft!!!

matgrowcott2894d ago

And there's already millions of people waiting to support the Xbox One.

The only people who think consumers won't touch the Xbox One are a small subset of a small subset of people, many of whom don't currently support Microsoft in any sort of large capacity. Even if you hate Xbox One, saying it won't sell is ignorant of reality.

And I'm not even talking about hypothetical console war stuff -- pre-orders are already through the roof.


and millions who will leave it for dust..

matgrowcott2894d ago

@Dark Witness

That's right. Some people buy things and other people don't buy things. Thanks for your input.

That's still neither here nor there. The proof is already there that this isn't a device that's going to out and out fail.

NatureOfLogic2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

@ matgrowcott

Why is It so hard to believe that a console that has yet to win a gen will fail. Some of you must really think that the Xbox 360 was the best selling console or something. If we try to predict console sales based previous generations, PS3 and WiiU would be the best selling ever. MS has only had one successful gen, ONE. How are they immune to poor sales?

matgrowcott2894d ago


They're not immune to poor sales and nobody is saying they are.

Get off of this exact corner of the internet for two minutes, go off onto the Microsoft's Facebook page or a MS fansite (somewhere where the people who will actually buy this stuff are hanging around), or better, go on outside and speak to a few casual gamers. There are a lot of people excited for the Xbox One. That's based on a couple of CGI trailers and the reveal of the TV stuff. Wait for Halo and Gears to get a showing, and the excitement will triple.

Will they "win" next-gen? Will they even sell enough to be around after the Xbox One? That's not what I'm saying and there's no information to even hazard a guess. What I'm saying is that people who reckon it'll be a complete failure and that "consumers" (as if they talk for anybody but themselves) will ignore it aren't getting their facts straight. People WILL buy this thing and they'll do so in their millions.

Why o why2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Matt has a point, but nobody here is speaking for the soccer mums, super casuals, blends of each and all in betweens. They're talking about the core type of customer turning their backs from being upset. Many of the most ardent 360 fans on n4g are pissed... Do you really think this subset on this corner is isolated. .. course not. Doesn't mean it wont sell but those forums of happy people you mentioned may increase or decrease depending on tonight. The subset gets the ball rolling with multiple purchases of multiple games in a more frequent nature. X's loss is y's gain.

Anti consumer IS anti industry . How some of these people are still here k-y'in up their rear ends is saddening. Care more for the gamer...if you're a gamer

NatureOfLogic2894d ago

@ matgrowcott

I agree with you. Thinking the Xbox one will be a total failure is ridiculous. Hoping It's not half way successful as the 360, is very possible.

DARK WITNESS2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

@ matgrowcott

you do have a point and at the same time take a look at the 360 forums and look at how many people are saying they wont be buying it.

There was poll on there somewhere and the majority of people where actually saying they would NOT be buying the xbone. If the fans on MS own 360 forum are upset and saying they are not buying, surely that is saying something.

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coolmast3r2894d ago

Another day at N4G, another bullsh*t article.


Don't shoot the messenger.

Gimmemorebubblez2894d ago

From the comment section:
Just like dictatorship is anti-civilian and pro-government.-Chris Boer
That sums it up.

despair2894d ago

how can you be pro-industry while being anti-consumer when the industry is dependant on the consumer...