Should You be Worried About Xbox One Surveillance Following NSA Leak?

Suck My Trend - Revelations have surfaced in recent days across US and British media about the surveillance tactics of the National Security Agency (NSA) and how it allegedly collects and stores vast quantities of online and phone data. What has shocked many internet users is the secrecy that was involved in this surveillance and that apparently major U.S. tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook have been readily handing over the data to the NSA. Considering Microsoft is about to release the Xbox One with a newly upgraded Kinect device, should you be worried about Xbox One surveillance?

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US8F2048d ago ShowReplies(2)
yugovega2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

let me get out my tin foil.

i just think people should be a little more worried about google invading our homes with their sats. and the government would use a game console? with all the cams on phones? get real people. really.

Raf1k12048d ago

I don't think it really matters about how ridiculous it might sound. When it comes to spying anything goes.

stuna12048d ago

Exactly! And would actually give reason to why a video console could be used for this purpose! Because it actually does sound ridiculous, so most wouldn't give it a second thought.

first1NFANTRY2048d ago

like i tell people who can't see beyond the foggy lense:

"when it's all said and done the naive and ignorant will perish. the wise will question and rebel"

steve30x2048d ago

Why should I be worried about it when I am not going to buy the console?

urwifeminder2048d ago

I would be more concerned with smart phones to be honest besides they track you ,why would they care what I am doing I don't do much omg he is playing another game quick record it.Going to the shops for some bread call the national guard

yugovega2048d ago

no now that can't be true because sony makes phones and they wouldn't do that./s

if google can take a picture of my dog and show the would on googe mp the least of my concern is a toy doing the same thing. how many people have laptops with webcams on them? gps systems in their cars? too many people just making up reasons to not like the idea. i can see being upset about havin to connect to the web everyday. and even drm. but theres a simple solution to the kinect issue. unplug it when youre no playing.

peowpeow2048d ago

Mmmm.. my laptop camera is not sending information anywhere unless I specifically use an application for it. Phone's GPS may allow recording of your location but that's it.

Kinect is a scary thought though, the way it watches and listens to everything you're doing. I'd be quite paranoid playing a game. We'll see how this turns out though

Gildarts2048d ago

PRISM and the NSA is everywhere. and yes even the new PSN is being monitored since its using facebook and the old PSN can be monitored too, it turns out the companies don't decide whether they want to get monitored or not. The government decides which company they monitor and which not.

if you don't want to get monitored get of the internet.

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