Do the E3 Press Conferences Matter Anymore?

E3 is almost at our door steps but something feels different this year. With Sony and Microsoft having done pre-E3 conferences to show off their next-gen goods, why even have a conference at E3?

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yugovega1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

not really other then to show off new hardware. do to the internets fast pace of getting info to the masses. conferences actually make no business sense anymore other then for investors.

PCGamingNoobs1956d ago

how can it not make any business sense? if these companies with new IPs where to just put a release date on a game and send it to shop without any announcement or conferences like E3 you think it would sell the same units as if it was showing at E3, not a chance. and that's called business.

every person in this industry either working or just general fans of gaming as a whole are talking about E3 its the only thing people are talking about for the past week and especially this week. its every hit article on N4G. all the pre E3 shows are just build up for the main conferences to get more attention. E3 is stronger now than its ever been or else they would be putting bigger and bigger shows on every year. just wish it was still open to public.

yugovega1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

web ads, mag covers, commercials, ads on xblive, facebook. all these are millions cheaper then e3 and considering the success of indys lately i'd say it works better then a conference. how else does a game like gta thats never at e3 tend to sell more then any game that's shown at e3?

don't you think if you saw an add for watchdogs during the superbowl, or mario in the thanksgiving day parade it would sell just as much and get you just as hyped? i do. thats how movies get people to come to the theater.

perhaps game companys should do like the movies and put previews on the load screen during online games. just say there are much better ways to make use of the millions it costs to do a conference then to actually have a conference.

PCGamingNoobs1956d ago


oh yeah already established game franchises its not such a big deal, like you say GTA and mario people are always going to buy those. but whne it comes to brand new IPs its different and thats where E3 comes in. it gets the core fans talking and the rest of the people hear about it from word of mouth most of the time.

if watchdogs for example never showed a trailer at a conference or any game play and just stuck some adverts on the side of a bus or in a magazine, you wouldn't know what it was and you more than likely wouldn't care. and as well as indie games are doing right now which i love if they was shown at conferences they would do alot better, because its getting the hardcore to talk to spread the word to the people that aren't going to stay up all night to watch conferences on the other side of the world.

either way all these forms of advertisement and business ventures are going to continue.

Bigpappy1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Nah, you're very wrong. E3 makes news headline and can generate massive interest if done correctly then followed up. Even non-gaming news report on E3.

yugovega1956d ago

best part is this year we may findout which works better. who will gain more buzz. nintendo? or the other 2. if somehow nintendo comes out with people talking aout the wiiu more then either of the other 2 then it could show e3 is money well wasted. with a huge conference announcing 2 new consoles, there is no reason anyone should mention nintendo if they arn't having a conference. so i guess we will see.

Bigpappy1956d ago

Nintendo's problem is that they don't have the buzz that the wii generated because of the newness it brought to the industry. So the casuals aren't paying attention.

Who ever can get a buzz out of E3 that attracts the causal base come this holiday season, will be in the best shape for the next gen. Can Nintendo do it? I am skeptical due to them having last holiday season to themselves and could not move the needle. So that market is there for anyone who can excite that base.

sinncross1956d ago

I love E3 conference. Period.

Living in Japan right now I need to wake up at 1h30 for the MS one. And, I dont even have much interest in the X1 as I do the Ps4... but its games... on a large scale, and a conference where everyone around the world can watch at the same time... I love that. So much fun. Cant wait.

yugovega1956d ago

not saying i don't ejoy it because i do. i just personally do not see it benefiting the companies enough to justify the cost. just think the cost of these conferences could be spent on newer titles. and the time and effort spent on e3 demos is time taken away from working on th finished product. so not only the cost of the conference itself being in the millions, they have to spend time and big money just preparing for the conference.

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zerocrossing1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

As much as I'm starting to dislike the shere spectacle of it, the E3 Press Conferences is still relevant IMO.

It's damn more relevant the than the Spike VGAs anyhow.

Benjammin251956d ago

It definitely does this year anyway.

latinillusion811956d ago

Of course it does because it determines what console I'm going to buy and what games.