Second pressure group begins anti Xbox One campaign

A new online campaign called Xbox Shun! is attempting to put pressure on Microsoft to abandon its DRM policies for the Xbox One.

At the time of writing the campaign has attracted 1,037 supporters on its official site.
“Microsoft is now the biggest threat videogames have ever seen,” the somewhat dramatic introduction reads. “The Xbox One will introduce restrictions and a removal of basic rights that will effect us all. WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

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iGAM3R-VIII2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )


I was one of the 1,037 people because like all other hardcore gamers, I wanted a console for games not TV's. I am going on the PS4 ride as the Xbox One has too many restrictions and blurs the line of gaming. The X1 is for people who just want a pure TV box with a game addition. I am a hardcore gamer which is why the PS4 is for me.

It is amazing that in just over 1 day later, over 1000 people have joined. Since that original N4G article about the Xbox shun, it has rapidly increased.

This is what the power of gamers can do.

Greatness E3

Tatsuya 2866d ago

It's not X1 it's the XBone and if they are keeping the DRM then they can GTFO.
My allegiance for SONY will not waver until they follow this dumb path.

No FanS Land2866d ago

is there really an official abbreviation. Besides on XBL on demand, it was called Xbox original.

YNWA962866d ago

Well, Valentinus, get out that PS1, because you will be left behind, no more bandwagons for you. As for this group, really? Governments rape and pillage society day in and day out and you people sit back and take it like little sissy's, but when they release a console that no one is forcing you to buy, you cry like babies..... what a bunch of pathetic losers.... really, get a life....

tiffac0082866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

^With all due respect this is a gaming site not a politcal one. So this topic kind of sticks with the community and how do you know that none of the people here are not advocates or part of groups that is actually doing what you are complaining about? I would suggest maybe you should take your own medicine sir.

YNWA962866d ago

I understand tiffac, but this to me is really being blown way out of proportion, especially when the games industry is the last of the entertainment medias to do this. This is going to happen or there will be nothing left. I do not like it, but I get it, understand it. For a long time we had it easy, and then stores like Gamestop really too advantage of trading, made school yard swapping look like nothing. Also, its the name Microsoft. People think its romantic to do one on the 'big man', forgetting that Sony will do the same, Nintendo, and anyone else in the business. There are other things in life more important.... this is futile...

tiffac0082866d ago

^ Well bro you never know, sometimes issues like this can pique the interest of an individual to become more politcally and socially aware of issues far broader than this. I believe every avenue where a person can be informed about certain parts of their rights or/and question the legality of an action under the law is a good start. So relax bro and continue gaming :)

YNWA962866d ago

No probs,
And trust me, enjoying my gaming, almost finished Mass Effect 3, did the 3 back to back to back! Awesome game, next gotta finish everything in GTA4 and all the side missions before GTA5. I got a huge backlog of games!!! This is what happens when ya get married, kids, suddenly must show up for work every day!! Damn, no time for games anymore! :) Have good day , enjoy E3 and the hysterical reactions here....

Army_of_Darkness2866d ago

When MS see's no profit in this, I'm sure they will get the point and realize it was a mistake. Kinda like EA with their online pass, it didn't sell well so they abandoned it.

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deno2866d ago

I just signed up also. Steve Balmer needs to go.


UncleJaysus2866d ago


Not because I don't like Xbox. I really do. But, I can't get onboard with these policies.

Hey, MS - I want to play Xbox One. Let me play Xbox One by binning all your crap/devious ideas.

stage882866d ago

It just keeps getting worse for MS.

No matter how this is looked at it's a huge negative and will have a major hit on Microsoft PR campaign.

RedHawkX2866d ago

im gonna join that group and we are gonna destroy the xbox one. i have no idea why some of you people are still going to buy a xbox one after all this? you do realise your console is gonna have a short life, less games, crap multiplats, less people to play against online, and drm and such. why some of you trying to get an xbox one? i dont get it. let ms go stop being a fanboy and grab a pc, ps4, wii u, handhelds, etc

urwifeminder2866d ago

Good luck guys I will be playing xboxone do what you feel you need to.

Tatsuya 2866d ago

it's people like you who will destroy the console gaming industry. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Garrison2866d ago

make sure you got plenty of lube, don't want MS to have a hard time after all.

Shad0wRunner2866d ago

No. XBox One will be playing YOU. Enjoy yourself, being another brick in the wall. The rest of us will continue to have a voice for whats right and whats wrong.

zerocrossing2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Oh don't worry, we will succeed.

Even if MS gain a significant install base by taking advantage of the ignorant and/or misinformed, the restrictions imposed on these early adopters will be more than enough to turn them against MS's disastrous new direction, and spur them onto warning others they know to not fall into the same trap.

Xboxshun all the way.

MysticStrummer2866d ago

"do what you feel you need to."

People are doing what they can to stand up for your rights as a consumer and a gamer.

I wouldn't be buying a One anyway, but I joined and was up front about that fact in my message. I know you'll write me off as a PS fanboy, but it's honestly weird to me that you would support what MS is doing. I hope for the sake of all who buy a One that MS will change their plans, even though doing so would give them a better chance at coming out on top with the One. What kind of fanboy does that make me?

zerocrossing2866d ago

It's useless to try to reason with him, that guy is either a troll or a shill.

The best thing we can hope do now is help inform others by explaining how restrictive and invasive the Xbone is, and of the potential damage that may be caused to our favourite hobby if MS where to succeed.

MysticStrummer2866d ago

Yeah I know, zero.

There are several people on this site that seem so adamant to defend MS it almost seems like a parody, like I'm reading The Onion or something. It makes me wonder if they're just trying to get a reaction and don't really believe what they say.

There are people like that on the Sony side as well though, and Nintendo.

Oh well. I'm actually concerned for the consumer rights of these people, whether they understand why or not.

Ares84HU2866d ago

You mean, you'll be watching Xbox One. There will be not much playing on that system son.

urwifeminder2866d ago

Wow guys thanks I have never had so much interest in what I play I will be sure to take your thoughts on board enjoy E3 cant wait to see pc and Nintendo has in store for us as well.

yugovega2866d ago

play what you enjoy and let the haters hate. yet again if only gamers could read their copyrights that come with their games they would realize their consumer rights. what ms may be planning is only enforcing those rules. plus it's no different then buying a map pack. so many people thinking everythings out toget them. I personnally will not be buying an xb one but i do realize the appeal of the system, and can't blame anyone for wanting one. to each there own.

kneon2866d ago

Really? So the current license says that they can disable my console if I don't phone home every 24hrs to pledge that I'm not doing anything naughty with their console?

yugovega2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )


maybe not but the current license does say most the things gamers do with their games is not how it's suppose to be done. you don't own the game. you own the right to use it. big difference.

as far as the 24 hour check in yes thats a bad idea but if people agree to it which alot of people will agree with then what's the issue? from the way things are going it is the future of games. ms may just be making a move to making their system future proof. by requiring it from the start they clear themselves from lawsuits later in the systems life when they do require it.

i get it and like i said i won't be buying one. but games have themselvesto blame due to sharing and pirating. game companies have always been fighting piracy just look at nintendo with all their physical formats. at least they didn't decide to go all digital like sony tried with the pspgo. if the pspgo had worked maybe drm wouldn't be happenng and instead it would be all digital. either way actually "owning" a game is going to disappear no matter what gamers do. unless of course we just decide to retro game and play nothing but games that are already released.

nugnugs2866d ago

You don't get the long term repercusions of things like this? People don't take away freedoms overnight, or even willingly. Little steps like these will lead to others taking liberties while the unaware masses will buy in to it.

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