Even If Renamed Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Versus XIII May Be Square Enix's Last Hope

"If this game comes out and is anything other than one of the best in the series, it will be a failure. People have been waiting too long for this to be a disappointment; if they're not happy with this game, they could easily be done with the series. With fans waiting this long, with the company to spending this amount of time paying people to work on this game, it needs the highest of fan reception, critical reception, and sales figures if it is to be of any help to Square Enix." -Game Revolution's Heath Hindman

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knifefight2049d ago

After all this time, people will be expecting a lot.

And at this E3, people will be paying extra attention to Sony's conference and the Square Enix conference to see if there's anything about this game at all. There hasn't been for quite some time....

dbjj120882048d ago

Totally agree. The pressure is on.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2048d ago

If it at least has a better story,gameplay, and characters than FFXIII I think FFXV or VersusXIII will be fine.

knifefight2048d ago

That makes it sound so easy.

What you say is certainly true. Thing is, however, most of the fanbase would say that those things haven't been part of a mainline Final Fantasy game for 10 years.

Cha0tik2048d ago

Last hope? Final Fantasy isn't the only great game they have made. Lately they have been working on other IP's that are at least catching my attention. Even if Final Fantasy V13 doesn't show... I wouldn't care. It would just be another great title I'd be excited for. If they worked on "The World Ends With US 2" or finally Kingdom Hearts 3... maybe even another new great IP then I'll be fine and I'm sure others will agree.

despair2048d ago

yea but the company has been bleeding money, I think "last hope" is an exaggeration, especially considering the number of games they publish, but they need to radically change they way they do things, especially in their internal studios.

Wolfbiker2048d ago

Tomb Raider, Arkham City, Deus ex, and the new Arkham have been strong for square. And their mobile line up has been very good so they are making games and money. But they definitely need to get games out of development.

despair2048d ago


Firstly I don't believe they had any dealings with Arkham City, I know they were part of distribution for Asylum but not sure about City or the new game.

Secondly they sold ridiculous numbers for Tomb Raider and yet claimed it didn't meet expectations, when you sell multimillion copies of a game and it wasn't enough then something has to be wrong

Thirdly they have posted massive losses for a while now and the CEO(or President can't remember which) resigned because of the losses.

They are ignoring what fans have been clamouring for from their internal FF studios for years. If they made a new version of FF VII (even an HD collection version of the current game) they would sell 10 million copies minimum(including mine, which would add solvency and allow for the more elaborate and new projects, yet they ignore that.

That's just the tip of what they have done wrong on all fronts of their business. They need to change things up and fast or they will be in serious trouble again.

Chrono2048d ago

Last hope for what? All FF games sold well whether they were good or bad. The fanbase will always complain even the games are actually good.

despair2048d ago

game sales are not everything, the company itself is losing a lot of money despite the good sales, I disagree with the "last hope" statement but they need to re-evaluate their strategy.

knifefight2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Probably the last hope for the series' survival. Did you notice the sharp decline the sales from Final Fantasy XIII to XIII-2? Square Enix sure did. The bad reputation of XIII is part of what caused them to rename Type-0, which was originally called "Agito XIII."

Square Enix lost over a hundred million dollars last year, and it wasn't the first time they've lost a huge amount of money like that. If FF projects can't recoup their dev costs...then as a business, you need to make new plans. That's just how it goes.

There's only so much that a fanbase can take. There have been series that died out due to steadily decreasing sales and appeal; nothing is invincible. These aren't banks that get "too big to fail" and get handed bailout money when they're broke, heh. ^_^

tarbis2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

It's long overdue. They really need to show something at E3. Now that Wada is gone now.

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