Xbox One Launch Day Supplies May be Limited

The past few weeks have been awash with news stories of retailers stating that Xbox One pre-orders have surpassed expectations and that next-generation hardware might not suffer the slow start many had anticipated. Today however, we have the first word on the potential demand outstripping supply.

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iGAM3R-VIII1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

"stating that Xbox One pre-orders have surpassed expectation"

I assume their expectations were low then...

Anyway, it depends how many MS can produce in the given time. If they were smart they would estimate what country would sell the most X1's and give the most to that country.

pompombrum1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Just a standard marketing tactic tbh. Create a scarcity mentality to get people to panic order. Wouldn't surprise me if it's true though, I imagine every single hacker who loves to game (most probably) will want to get one in order to try and hack the restrictions and stick it to M$.

egidem1958d ago

It's just a marketing tactic, similar to how psychological pricing works. Give something a price tag of $49.99 instead of $50 and people will have an impression of saving up substantial amounts of money.

This is why EA started to call most of their standard edition games as "Limited Edition" (such as Dead Space 2). There's nothing really "limited" about it though, in terms of quantity.

The_Con-Sept1958d ago

I think they say limited because Microsoft projects a total console sell through rate of only 4 million for the first year.

Sitdown1957d ago

So Amazon is creating this tactic for Microsoft....and helping them out by telling people to consider cancellung their preorders? Are there unicorns and pots of gold in your world or just pot and miniature ponies?

pompombrum1957d ago


I think you need to take your own advice and sitdown and take a chill pill. You seem a little tense.

Utalkin2me1957d ago


If it is anything like the 360 launch, i don't think you have to worry about the systems getting burned.

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lilbrat231957d ago

There are ALWAYS limited quantities, so that it makes people want it even more. I always wonder why people fall for this tactic. I'll be pre-ordering and doing midnight :-)

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Kurisu1958d ago

Limited to how many, One?

Foxgod1958d ago

You dont need more then one, its the one isnt it?

RedHawkX1958d ago

they will ship 100 units only lol to make it look like people want it.

TimeSkipLuffy1958d ago

that actually would be wise. It worked with the Wii... why not with the XBOX One ;D
It always looks better if there seems to be higher demand than available units.
This builds up the hype!

Ashlen1957d ago

I hope it works as well for MS as it did for Nintendo. I hope that after the first month they struggle to push 50k worldwide.

I have a feeling they can accomplish that goal.

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