Silver PS2 Console Releases

Well, it looks like the newly redesigned silver PS2 is starting to hit store shelves. EBGames has the system set for release on October 20.

With the PS3 launch quantities reduced, will this new silver look be able to hold back the Xbox 360 and Wii during the all important console battle this Christmas?

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THWIP5892d ago

Sony...changing the color, won't make it a better console, or a better deal. It's a 6 y.o. piece of (sh*t) hardware, that was technically obsolete, the day it launched.

TheXgamerLive5892d ago

Trying to make it look like a ps3 so people, dumb people, will believe it's a ps3 and buy it, LMAO!!!!

There goes the fools marching happily into a mine field.

THWIP5892d ago

It's the same design as the black "slim PS2". Sure, there are a few design similarities between PS2 and PS3, but certainly nothing that would cause the 2 to be confused. Hell, the PS3 is about 4x the SIZE of the new PS2.

Regardless, it's still just the same PoS2, with a lame silver paintjob. Anyone who spends $120 on this, rather than towards a Wii or 360, is a moron.

THWIP5892d ago

...that's redundant, since ALL Sony fans are dumb. ;)

tom15955891d ago

New Zealand has had a silver ps2 slim line for ages and ages. go the noel leeming site (in new zealand) and have a look. this is strang though.