False Alarm: GameCube Zelda:TP won't be at retail in US either [update 2]

Nintendo's official statement: Online reports about the Nintendo GameCube version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are incorrect. The amazing game will be available at retail outlets nationwide on Dec. 13.]

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THWIP4471d ago

...they should really stop jerking them around with all this "is"/"isn't&quo t; nonsense. When you have OFFICIAL INFO, report it....otherwise, stop with the BS.

ChickeyCantor4467d ago

thats what sony does, and not always happens when they promise it. its better to keep the mouth shut then tell story's you cant achieve

PS360WII4471d ago

This is why Nintendo doesn't really give out info, because this stuff happens. This was broken out to the web because it wasn't on the computers of a gaming store not becuase it was removed from the Nintendo website or anything.

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