Misconceptions About The PS4, And A Discussion On Sony’s Silence And E3

eGamer writes: "In this video I talk about some misconceptions about the PlayStation 4, where Sony can differ from Microsoft’s Xbox One, and discuss Sony’s silence up until this point and what you should keep in mind going into E3, which kicks off today. It’s a little pre-E3 chat, with some points to keep in mind."

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WolfOfDarkness1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Nothing is confirmed YET , just Waite until E3 and for Sony announcement . Still Sony will Handel things differently and will be Better than Microsoft .

Lades and Gentlemen ... History will be made today at E3 ... good Luck Sony .

Megatron3161955d ago

I have faith it will be Sonys Day

morganfell1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

CBOAT is over at gaf with another post and if you know who CBOAT is then you know he has been dead on. This is what he is saying:

1. Confirmed Microsoft is actively attempting to get developers to not mention PS4 versions. If they don't say "OUR GAME IS EXCLUSIVE FOR XBONE" expect a PS4 version. #truthfact

2. More DRM messaging at Gamescom. There is no rental strategy. Try to sweep it under the rug and hope people don't remember.

3. Cloud power was designed as DRM. Period. DRM was Microsoft's idea. EA and Ubisoft are supporters, Activision slightly less so.

4. DRM plans are actually worse than what they've stated.

5. Mirror's Edge 2 at MS conference.

6. Prince of Persia (reboot?) at MS conference.

7. Secret Phil Spencer game = World of Tanks

8. Live paywall still there.

9. Dead Rising 3, and exclusive DLC for another Capcom game at MS conference.

10. No online paywall for PS4. Unconfirmed.

11. No DRM info for PS4.

Drekken1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

This CBoaT guy is gaming's hero!

*My Balls, my wordd - LOL! This guy has some good lines.

sandman2241955d ago

I bet Sony will steal the show tonight. They have been on a roll lately. Microsoft needs to take some notes.

The_Klank1955d ago

I'll put this here, hopefully it will quell those fears.

Supermax1955d ago

Sony will not say anything on drm until right before the ps4 goes on sale.

WolfOfDarkness1955d ago

Dame , 3 hours left for E3 Xbox one Show .

My heart beats fast , I hope they not screw everything again .. LOL

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