State of Decay Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Over the last few years zombies have invaded almost every aspect of entertainment. Many movies are being filmed with zombies at the center; books have long been using zombies to their benefit and one of the most popular television shows features zombies. In video games zombies have also been running rampant where a zombie game of some sort is being released every couple of months. However while zombies may be running rampant, not every zombie is the same and Undead Labs’ State of Decay is here to prove that fact. Will the game be successful in this endeavor?"

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malokevi1955d ago

Having a blast with this game. Friggen ed getting ripped to shreds...

noisemedia1954d ago

Yeah I hear ya! A true unexpected gem. In a world of vanilla zombie hacking and COD cookie cutter B.S. State of Decay somehow feels new and different.

I was skeptical about this title at first but after spending two days straight playing this game I have to say its worth the $20.

In fact I cant wait to get home and waste another 6 hours.