Naughty Dog teasing Savage Starlight – Cartoon collectible from The Last of Us

This cartoon collectible called Savage Starlight is found in The Last of Us. According to the site's source we should all check it out on June 14th. Same date as The Last of Us releases.

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toxic-inferno1957d ago

This seriously reminds me of the cover to the first Mass Effect game...

Maybe it's those eyes in the background...

Skate-AK1957d ago

Yeah man, I the similarity also.

Chapter111957d ago

We just want Jak and Daxter 4 Naughty Dog. Please.

tigertron1957d ago

A new PS4 ND franchise? oh hell yeah! count me in, I love sci-fi and I love Naughty Dog.

If this does become a franchise, I hope Jennifer Hale voices the woman, because she did an excellent job as femshep, although people may not want this game to resemble Mass Effect.

abzdine1957d ago

i'm ready to buy whatever game coming from those guys! i bought every game they made since Crash Bandicoot 1 and i've never been disappointed. The scary thing is that they get better and better. How far can they go?

toxic-inferno1957d ago

I heard a rumour that real life is actually a game made by Naughty Dog in the future...

tigertron1957d ago

The only ND franchise I haven't played yet is Jak and Daxter, but when I've finished some games I'll be sure to buy the HD collection.

abzdine1957d ago

@tigertron: buuuuuuuu buuuuuu !! how can you skip this legendary franchise?
it's really worth it and each one of them is different so you dont get bored from an episode to another. My favorite and the most complete is the second one, i love that game so much. The first one is a pure platformer and considered by many as one of the best of all time.

OlgerO1957d ago

What the hell? I'm intrigued

stuntman_mike1957d ago

I would love a sci-fi naughty dog game that would be excellent.

Maybe nathan drake in space...

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