Would A One Console World Work?

A couple of months ago, Analog Addiction brought you news that someone, known as Bacteria, had created a 15-in-1 console. It got me thinking about a speculation that shows itself in the game industry every now and then; what would it be like if there was only one console? A console created by a third party, where Microsoft, Sony, and even Nintendo were all just publishers. Would it benefit gamers or would it destroy gaming? With E3 just around the corner, here’s some pros and cons to a ‘universal/ third party’ console.

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TheLyonKing2048d ago

No, it paves way to price rigging so high game prices and high hardware prices. With no other competetion either it stagnates the market.

CRAIG6672048d ago

Anyone who disagree's with you is living under a rock.

mac_sparrow2048d ago

My thoughts exactly and why I tuned in to and was disappointed by the Xbox One reveal, even though I don't plan on buying one.

Seems a one console world would only work for MS fans, with paid online and now the One it seems they're already used to getting the shaft, which is exactly what a one option future would be.

RedHawkX2048d ago

uhhh noooo dude. you cant sell games if people dont have a console so putting a console price high is just dumb. in fact one console means you can sell it for cheaper because you know everyone will buy it. and game price will actually get lower because more people able to get the console for cheap and more people can now buy your games. companies make there money on games not the hardware.

the only thing you would have to worry about is drm but guess what ms is already doing that when there is competition and a lot of you peopel are still going to buy it which is a pretty dumb thing to do. and if you are one of those who will buy the xbox one then a one console future would be better.

TheLyonKing2048d ago

one console world means that the company who makes the console can sell it for whatever high price they want because it is the only console people will want to buy it. This then gets reflected on the games and they can then sell them at any price they want because (as a buisness they are making money and since they are a monopoly the can make as much profit as they want)

GuyThatPlaysGames2048d ago

It would completely kill off the FANBOYISM which is running amok on N4G and would stop a ton of arguements.

TheLyonKing2048d ago

Tbh I don't think that's a good enough reason to have a company monopolise such a rich and diverse industry and I find it funny watching fanboys defend blindly there cost in a machine haha

ThanatosDMC2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

High game prices are all ready here. COD + DLC + Season passes. Having one console wont matter.

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NatureOfLogic2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Yes, I believe it would. But I prefer that these companies compete for my hard earned money rather than there to be just one. Two at the least(Sony and Nintendo). I don't want to be stuck with one console and then It turns out to be a gaming disaster like the Xbox one.

GamersRulz2048d ago

it would my world :)

Narutone662048d ago

Healthy competition is always good for the consumer. After the success of PS2, Sony became arrogant. Good thing there were MS and Nintendo. They brought Sony back to the ground. Now, MS is becoming arrogant and it looks like it's Sony's turn to bring MS back to the ground. I hope Nintendo will get their act together. Even though I don't like MS, they still gave Sony some competition and keep Sony on it's feet.

RedHawkX2048d ago

with the ps3 sony was making a powerful console and actually was selling it for a 200 dollar loss even though it had bleeding edge tech in it. i really dont call that being arrogant unless they were selling you a ps3 for 900 dollars and trying to make a profit off of it.

now what ms is doing right now is arroant because there is no benefit to the consumer. i remeber people saying why we need blueray why this why that yet the ps3 showed you why and you got your moneys worth.

Narutone662048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Arrogant in saying that you have to get two job in order to buy a PS3 for one. Don't get me wrong, I never bought a Xbox 360, I still got the original fat 60GB PS3 and the Slim PS3. But you have to give credit to MS in keeping Sony on its toe. That is keeping the competition alive.

nix2048d ago

nope. then they'll get arrogant. i mean look at sony when they released PS3. now look at MS'.

from the beach2048d ago

Also with Sega in their Mega Drive pomp heading into the Saturn era and Nintendo with the NES (and arguably also ~2008 with Wii). Happens every time one platform holder gets a leg up - competition is essential.

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