Will Valve Show Half Life 3 at E3 2013?

RealGamerNewz crew gets together to cover the day's news, the final pre-e3 predictions before the show takes place tomorrow, and the factors involved with Valve's place in gaming as well as the demand and overwhelming pressure they face with Half Life 3.

More topics include:

-Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

-Battlefield 4 Upcoming Interest After BF3 Premium Edition Shows Promising Content

-Call of Duty Ghosts Reveal Today

-Bungie’s Destiny Vs Respawn Entertainment’s New IP

-State of Decay Impressions by Tristan’s Twisted World

-Next Generation Gaming Debates and Information

-Tristan’s Twisted World and Shawn Pwnagraphic Guest Star and Give their Pre-E3 Thoughts

-Will Valve Show Half Life 3 at E3 2013?

-What Ever Happened to the Next-Gen Valve Steam Box PC / Console– ?

-Indie Exclusives Next Gen Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) Vs Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4)

-Will Cross-Platform Gameplay Ever Happen on Xbox and PlayStation Next Gen?

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GentlemenRUs2009d ago

Sadly no...

There is(was?) no Valve booth this year nor is there any staged events from Gaben...

Ah well, There's always hope next year ;)