Could the Xbox One Kill GameFly and Redbox?

DailyGame - "From games not working if the console hasn’t connected to the internet in 24 hours, to only being able to pass along a game to one friend, to the ability to only resell used games “at participating retailers," Microsoft gave all sorts of fodder for gamers to chew on. Yet it’s the Xbox One game rental policy — or lack thereof — that may be the most intriguing policy of all, if for no other reason than it threatens the very livelihood of companies built on the rental industry, namely GameFly and Redbox."

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dedicatedtogamers2868d ago

It is no coincidence that Redbox set up a feedback website asking "how would you feel if the next generation of consoles didn't let you rent games?" and texted all of its customers the info.

I anticipate Gamefly will also speak up. Smaller video stores and mom 'n pop shops will protest. The less corporate-run the shop is, the more likely they'll just flat-out refuse to stock XBox One and Xbox One games (since the retail profit on those is incredibly small, anyway).

fr0sty2868d ago

Ironically I saw a redbox ad on Facebook today talking about how new games are going to be announced tomorrow, and they showed people playing an Xbox in the picture.

dedicatedtogamers2868d ago

Well, you do realize that 360 will probably get new announcements, too, right?

sengoku2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

no doubt the greedy **** at M$ will be cutting directly into mom and pop shares as well as other company and services.

i bet you M$ never even consider that people will lose there jobs and business because of this.
killing of the small game boutique's in the proses.
no consideration for its fan base nor the business partners that help them make the millions, i

as for the payoff to publishers i think it will hardly increase.

why do you think they killed off online passes??
it wasn't worth the trouble

people will wait longer before buying games because at 60/70 a pop most game are not worth it so i actually see a decrease in launch sales and maybe an increase in sales of games that have had significant price drops.

nullify the bottomline but killing Jobs

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Kingthrash3602868d ago

I was thinking about this say if the xb1 sells very little because of restrictions like this then ms might tweak the restrictions so renting is possible........but this is ms we are talking about so thats probably not gunna happen.

this is reason #3.b on why im not giving ms money this generation.

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WarThunder2868d ago

Xbox One is not only killing GameFly and Redbox its killing console gaming...

lol @ your 5 disagree they live in denial...

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JT882868d ago

Regardless Redbox wouldn't be killed off. I hardly never rent games from Redbox only movies. With Dishnetwork buying out Blockbuster and closing the majority of stores, that's where i rent games, so smart on their end . Any un approved re sellers will defiantly have to close thx in part to the feeBox creators brain fart moment.

UNGR2868d ago

Possible. If they had "special copies" that made it work with being rented out to multiple people/profiles I could see that being the Trojan horse for hackers trying to crack the DRM.

NameRemoved00172868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

If they did that they would charge them like $250 a disk and what do they do if the customer breaks or steals the disk. Its much cheaper to replace a $20 game then a $250 disk.

SonyPS42868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

There is two other consoles. No way one console could kill GameFly unless third parties are given the abilities to employ similar schemes against game ownership and consumer control on Sony and Nintendo consoles.

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