A next-gen transition program to win the war against reality

The Paranoid Gamer writes: "Microsoft understands that achievements are a major highlight of their service, which is why they have hinted at offering gamers even more gamerpoints for watching shows, movies and even advertisements. But offering such achievements would only dilute and possibly destroy the impact that it has on their customer base."

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Sidology2048d ago

This could be insane if implemented.

MooseWI2048d ago

Achievements are actually a huge pusher to people. I have over 40k gamerscore and I have worked 8 years+ for that. If Sony offered a program to transfer the like then I would be happy, if not, doesn't matter, switching over anyway.

I feel like they wouldn't be able to offer that anyway.

Cam9772048d ago

"Switching over anyway"
Really, I've heard many people doing that. What did it for you? What made you want to join Playstation? I'm just curious, in the eyes of an Xbox fan what made you dismiss MS as an authentic form of competition for Sony?

NatureOfLogic2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Microsoft understands is were I stopped reading. I don't think Microsoft is capable of being aware and understanding. Every since the Xbox one reveal, they haven't been too keen on addressing the concerns of their fans.

adio69742048d ago

I would consider moving to the PS4 if I knew that my hard-work on Xbox would be appreciated in the PlayStation world. Maybe this can work after all!

chubaca1122048d ago

This system could work if we found a way to bring it to the light. Right now would be the perfect time for Sony to implement it too!