COD Ghosts New E3 2013 Screenshots Revealed

Alive Game Zone - Activision, the publisher behind the Call Of Duty franchise, has revealed a set of new screenshots for the next installment in the COD series.

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MooseWI1960d ago

Still want to see more to judge..

sobekflakmonkey1960d ago

Yeah, but to be honest, they did improve the game graphically, cause it does look better than the older cod games....that being said's still pretty far off graphically from pretty much every other shooter out there..

gta28001960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Looks like a current gen game.

teknx1960d ago

Please no dog pics, please no dog pics.. *checks* dag nabit!

ShadowIX1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'm loving the COD hate. Every year the same group voices their disgust with the game, and every year the game comes out and sells millions, and every year people complain. Give it up guys and let them enjoy the game.

yugovega1960d ago

hey at least cod saves haters from the tired ol' madden is the same every year speech we all gave in the ps2 years.

RFornillos41960d ago

you know guys, if you really hate COD; why continue playing it?

KnucklesX2 has a point. every year, you hear complaints about the game being this and that, yet it always sell millions. the cycle pretty much continues.

i myself feel that over the last few COD titles, pretty much every iteration seem to be the same. but i still find the time to play it, and just go on with life. i do have my complaints, but usually more on the gameplay aspect; graphically, i am not a "graphics-first" type, so doesn't really matter to me.

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