Elder Scrolls Online Detailed By Matt Firor In This Exclusive Interview - Gamerhubtv

Producer Matt Firor discusses the open beta and what's new in Elder Scrolls Online in this exclusive interview.

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jagiii1956d ago

This game looks amazing, but did Bethesda kill its console franchise with it?

MooseWI1956d ago

This is really a bold move by Bethesda, at this point MMO's come and go so quick, it will be interesting to see where this goes, but as history shows.. :/

KrisK1956d ago

I think it will be difficult to keep an MMO at Elder Scrolls quality for a long time...the rich content that people expect I think typically takes too long to develop. Maybe I will be wrong.

creHEARTive1956d ago

Elder Scrolls Online should be interesting if it is half has good as Skyrim.