Killing the Messenger: How Microsoft Will Regain the Xbox One Narrative

With Microsoft cancelling their interviews and Q&As at E3 for the Xbox One, they're ensuring more negative press for their console.

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Christopher1956d ago

Through control. If the gaming media and then the mass media doesn't pick up the info that people may want to know, Microsoft will have done its job.

Hatsune-Miku1956d ago

by lying and tricking people

Christopher1956d ago

Lying, no. Tricking? That's called marketing.

Godmars2901956d ago

That is what most American business nowadays and more so than any other time.

Not that such is exclusive to just the US, but there seem to be way too many instances of of companies actually believing what they're peddling. To the point that its Gospel.

Belking1956d ago

May be smart for both not to talk to the media because we all know the gaming media is the absolute worst out there.

1956d ago