20 games to be shown on stage at Microsoft's conference

Keighly says he just spoke to Phil spencer who says 20 games will be shown.

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jc485731956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

5 games on top of what they announced last time. -__- I have a feeling they're going to talk a little bit about TV even though they said they won't

dedicatedtogamers1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

How many multiplats? How many timed exclusives? How many Kinect motion games? I guess we'll find out.

Edit @ below

Let me get this straight: we were told to "wait until the reveal", and after that we were told to "wait until E3". Now we're being preemptively told to wait until TGS (MS at TGS? Yeah right) and Gamescom?

FordGTGuy1956d ago

They have 15 1st party exclusives but we know some are being saved for TGS and Gamescom, We'll probably only see games that are exclusive or have timed or exclusive content.

wastedcells1956d ago

Ya that is the problem. How many are actually exclusive hard core games. We find out tomorrow.....can't wait.

whoyouwit041956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

You Sony fans need to give it a rest, I mean seriously what is your beef with Microsoft.

What the h8ll? I just notice I have 3 more bubbles I guest who ever is over the site is giving everyone extra bubbles because they know people will have a lot to say come tomorrow.

mmccarthy41956d ago

They will show more exclusives at e3 than those two events they are just saving some for gamescom

NatureOfLogic1956d ago

MS can't be taken serious at this point. whoyouwit04, so you really think that It's only "Sony fans" doubting/rejecting MS? Some people really do lack any amount of logical thinking.

majiebeast1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

If they dont say exclusive in the conference its coming to PS4 you can bet on that.

dedicatedtogamers1956d ago

Just got a new leak from GAF's most reliable insider:

- Microsoft is actively buying up exclusive stage-time with 3rd parties to give the appearance of exclusivity. Tomorrow, unless you explicitly hear the phrase "only coming to Xbox One" you can safely assume it's multiplat
- no actual plan for rental support. MS hopes this will quiet down and be forgotten
- the reported "cloud power" is meant to be a parole officer, not a power-booster for Xbox One
- MS came up with the DRM ideas and presented them to EA and Ubisoft, not the other way around. Activision/Blizzard isn't quite so keen on it
- The terms-of-service for Xbox One's DRM is even worse than people think. MS is trying to keep it under wraps.
- Mirror's Edge 2, Prince of Persia reboot, and Dead Rising 3 to be shown @ Microsoft conference.
- World of Tanks coming to Xbox One
- Live Gold subscription required for online, even for f2p online games
- no online paywall (online gaming?) for PS4

grailly1955d ago

prince of persia reboot, what? at this point those can't be reboots anymore, we'll just have to assume every prince of persia game will be with new characters and a new world ( a la final fantasy before 10-2)

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Mr_Nuts1956d ago

No offence but Microsoft promises a lot of things and they never deliver. There will be 20 games but most of them will be Kinect only titles, downloadable games, timed exclusives and multiplatform games.

NatureOfLogic1956d ago

MS also promised that they were listening to their fans concerns over their policies, which turned out to be a complete lie, or maybe they did and just didn't care. I'm surprised at how anyone can believe anything that MS says at this point.

Mr_Nuts1956d ago

*** I'm surprised at how anyone can believe anything that MS says at this point. ***

Yeah exactly, that's my point. Seems some people just don't get that

AngryEnglish1956d ago

Wait.... I'm not sticking up for MS here but out of the supposedly 48 games for the PS4... 39 are multi plats.... So I don't see how people can kick one system and not the other, you will probs see more and more multiplats this gen to be honest

Tody_ZA1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

The reason people are more trusting of that is because of the console was announced in February, and already has 8 exclusives.

It was also announced that all of Sony's devs are currently working on PS4 titles, and both Naughty Dog and SCE Santa Monica have hinted at revealing their PS4 titles at E3.

So that would put it up to 10, and E3 isn't even here yet.

Whereas in Microsoft's case, aside from Remedy Entertainment's new title, we've barely seen peeps of their exclusives, other than the spoken word promise of there being X amount of exclusives, which many would doubt given the Xbox 360's last few years of history. By doubt I mean, how many are Kinect etc.

Not taking sides here, not trying to stir up anything, just responding to your comment in the hope of answering your confusion.

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Themba761956d ago

Im sorry i got to do this..... TV SPORTS TV SPORTS TV TV TV SPORTS!!!!!!!.

NYC_Gamer1956d ago

They better show quality exclusives

DeFFeR1956d ago

My guess:

New Halo(s): Halo Wars 2, Halo 5, Halo 2 Anniversary

New Forza: Already seen.

Something from Rare: Killer Instinct, Viva Pinata and/or Perfect Dark.

The RYSE game from the past few E3's pushed back to next-gen?

Crackdown 3

Quantum Break (already announced - from the Alan Wake people.)

Probably another Ninety Nine Nights game.

After that, likely Arcade, Singing, Dancing and/or Kinect games for the 'non-core' gamers.

Hoping for a surprise, but I'm not anticipating being blown away, burn me once...

Ausbo1956d ago

Black tusk studios and lionhead's two teams are also working on "core" games. Plus respawns exclusive.

Foxgod1955d ago

People also keep forgetting playground, i hope the project gotham rumors are true.

grailly1955d ago

at this point, unfortunately for them, announcing a great exclusive would just get me sad because I'm already pretty much decided on a PS4. I still may get an X1 down the road, but not at launch

first1NFANTRY1956d ago

Still not buying the console as long as it is anti consumer. I like to think of myself as a disciplined gamer and no amounts of games will sway me to give up my rights. The negatives far outweigh the positives with the Xbone.

Conzul1956d ago

Indeed, 48 is still > 20

FordGTGuy1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

You do realize that 48 number includes a ton of third party non-exclusives and Vita/PS3 games right?

Microsoft will most likely have the same amount on display for Xbox One/Xbox 360/Windows.

Conzul1956d ago


If you believe for a second that Microsoft won't use the same counting "tricks" as Sony then you're delusional. M$'s 20 games include multiplats, just as Sony's do.

Panthers1956d ago

I dont care if the Xbox had 100 exclusives at launch, I will refuse to buy it. The whole idea behind what this console represents is anti-consumer. It is purely to benefit MS/Developers. If we support this then gaming is dead to me. I will stick with my older games.

True_Samurai1956d ago

Only 8 were actual exclusives the rest were multiplats and indies that are coming to x1 and PC :-p

FordGTGuy1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

When did I say it wouldn't include multiplatforms?

I'm not the one comparing the number of games shown at a conference to the total number of games shown at a entire expo.

Also there is going to be a world premiere before and after the event that aren't included in the 20.

So in reality we are going to see 22.


20 is the number of games Microsoft will show in their conference, 48 is the number Sony will show through the entire expo which include games like Madden, Fifa, Assassin's Creed and more multiplatforms neither are launch game numbers.

mmccarthy41956d ago

48 is the number of games being launched with ps4 and 20 is the number of games ms will show at e3. That's a significant difference. However the numerical value of 48 is definitely greater than 20

RiPPn1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

And let's not forget, Microsoft didn't say they will be ready at launch, but rather within a year of the Xbone release. Should be interesting to see the numbers of actual launch titles for both systems.

Foxgod1955d ago

Yeah, i doubt all 15 exclusives will be shown this year, some might be shown at next years e3, considering that both coming xmas, and next years xmas will both be in the first year of the XB|One.

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1nsomniac1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Amen brother!

The strong shall stand tall, the weak shall fall!

killasder1956d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheSurg1955d ago

Sony will do exactly the same thing no matter what you guys think. It's the publishers that don't like trade ins etc. If one game can't be traded on XO you won't be able to trade it on ps4 as well. Sony said it's up to publishers to allow or disallow trading, and that's exactly what will happen.

baodeus1955d ago


"no amounts of games will sway me to give up my rights"

1. what right are you referring to?
2. Do you ever read the legal copyright on movies,games, music, software, etc?

first1NFANTRY1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I'm referring to not:

1. Not owning the rights to the games I buy with MY money
2. Mandatory installs
3. Friends not being able to borrow my games and vice versa
4. Kinnect being mandatory for the console to function
...............etc etc the list goes on.

Now why don't you tell us all why you would even consider buying such a restricted piece of hardware

baodeus1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

- So what kind of rights or things that you think that you can do when you buy a game with your money?
- Do you ever read the legal copyright that come with every games, movie, music, etc...? What does it say on these? DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO COPY, SELL, OR REDISTRIBUTE games/movie/music WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION from publisher|IP owner?
- Does Sony have copyright written all over their contents (music, games, movies)? If they all do, then why you think that you have the right to hack, copy, sell or redistribute them just because you pay $60 for a game, or even up to $2000 for an adobe master suite software (no one ever complain about this)? Just because they haven't really start breaking down on this copyright infringement (because it is happening on a global scale and it is really hard to put them under control), doesn't mean what you are doing is legally or it is your rights.
- What happen when Sony remove features they advertised from PS3 after being hacked? What did the sony fanatic say about the owner ship of software/services on ps3? Did n4g gamers say people have the right to those software or services? Is game consider a software or hardware?
- Did any of them purposely hide copyright from you in anyways? In other word, do you even read them?
- Have you ever made game or some IP and your aren't making money because people just pirate it or get it used from retailers and you get nothing? Should you break down on this hacker or put some restriction on retailers if this happening to you?

- PC has mandatory install with authorizing code (you can play it without the disc after) for ages so why it is a problem now?
- Many Ps3 games also have mandatory install requirement, but everyone on n4g were praising it like it helps boost performance for example. How come mandatory install wasn't an issue in this case?
- Now MS does it (so you can access your content anywhere and you can play without the disc) but that is unacceptable? I'm quite confuse here, so what is your reason?

3. Didn't you read about letting family or friend borrow games policy on xlive site? What does it says? Can any of your family member or friend play the game using their accounts?
4. Again, didn't you read about kinnect connection on xlive? what does it says? Can you pause it, can you turn it off, etc..?

i think you should go read on some stuff first before making another list, because i don't think you have a good grasp of what rights you have or the validity of the information that you have.

I guess a lot of people on here grow up during the booming of illegal download of games, music and movie on torrent (originally was made to share between friends in college), napster, and romnation (just an example). Do these illegal behavior become so common that somehow it is viewed as consumer RIGHTs currently? What stems these issues?

The true issue is the price (will it be cheaper for next gen game or not?). Steam have all that DRM craps as well but people like it why, because of cheap and massive sales on games. What developer/publisher should do is reduce the price (though it could be challenging when inflation is running out of control globally). Regardless, entertainment and conveniences aren't necessity and can be expansive. If you can't afford something, maybe you should rethink your priority.

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r211956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I suppose thats those 15 exclusives and 5 multiplatform games, one which obviously CoD Ghosts(again). Of those 15 exclusives, they better not had include that Fantasia Kinect and LocoCycle game.

FordGTGuy1956d ago

15 Exclusives are only 1st Party games and only games on Xbox One. In other words that number doesn't include third party exclusives or Xbox 360 exclusives.

r211956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Link please?
also @aviator189

El edito: Nevermind, aviator posted a link. Im a bit relieved now.

SonyAddict1956d ago

Since when did MS make 360 exclusives!

dcbronco1956d ago

r21 I assume you don't want to see any puppet or book games from Sony either. Or were you actually trying to appear to be a hypocrite?

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aviator1891956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

fantasia and lococycle have been confirmed to not be a part of the 15 exclusives lineup for the x1.


here u go ->

edit: I don't understand, why am I receiving disagrees for stating a fact? :/

aviator1891956d ago

if you read spencer's statement, he states that the 15 exclusives are only on the xbox one.

lococycle and fantasia will be available on the xbox 360 as well, so they're automatically excluded from that list.

r211956d ago

Alright. Good to know. Thanks for the link.

Dont mind the disagrees dude. Their just part of what makes n4g, well n4g.

Mr_Nuts1956d ago

Yeah but you know what he's like, if he actually said the words "These games aren't part of the 15 exclusives" then fair enough but they always spin things, you know something they've been doing since the Xbox One was revealed.

kennyg37391956d ago

@aviator, it just the Sony fanboys if Microsoft is in the sentence they'll disagree no matter what the case is.

TheSurg1955d ago

For saying a thing about XO that sony fanboys don't like even if it's an awesome fact.

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mmccarthy41956d ago

it won't be all their first party exclusives

Foxgod1955d ago

I dont think they will show all 15 exclusives, some of the exclusives may not be unveiled until next years e3.
Remember, both this xmas, and next years xmas are in the first year of the xbox1

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YodaCracker1956d ago

I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store. I am ready to be blown away.

mmccarthy41956d ago

I wanna see how well cloud computing improves their gaming experience because if it impresses it will be a huge edge on sony and if it sucks they can show themselves out