Last second predictions for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony at E3 2013

Gimme Gimme Games posts their predictions for all of the big three at E3.

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jc485731957d ago

I just have a gut feeling there's going to be a riot.

mrbojingles1957d ago

Lol, if there was a riot over something video game relate that didn't have to deal with a serious issue, I don't think the image of the gaming community would ever, ever recover.

jc485731957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

yea, you're right. Some people are not going to be happy at all though. Maybe a lot of booing heheheh.

Edit: How the heck? I got 5 bubbles? uh...thanks.

Narutone661957d ago

Here's a prediction: Sony will announce that with the PS+, you can play all the back catalog of games in the Gakai server. Meaning all the games released for the PS1, PS2 and PS3. I can only dream.

josephayal1957d ago

X1- 8 exclusives
Wii u- Mario 3D,Smash bros
PS4- 40 games