MS denies 100GB harddisk

We're sorry to be the party poopers, but today Boris Schneider-Johne, MS product manager Germany says Microsoft denies the existence of the 100GB harddisk we reported about yesterday. According to him, someone has been tampering with the picture used in the Powerpoint presentation. The signature has been painted-over simply using the Arial font. Probably some Korean guy who sees this as a 'practical joke'

THWIP6392d ago

Just like they denied the HD-DVD player, when it was still just a rumor. Nice try, MS...but we all know you've got surprises up your sleeves to combat SONY.

Mr Murda6392d ago

I think you're dead on here. There has been talk of a 100GB HD for quite some time. With the Zune dropping in November they need to have an option to store all this media (music, videos, movies) that will eventually (probably) be available on Live the near future.

THWIP6392d ago

Zune was ALSO denied....SEVERAL TIMES. ;)

highps36392d ago

DENIED!!! 360 will need space sooner or later but for now they are DENIED!!!

BIadestarX6392d ago

Lets see if sony bites in to this, and start point out the HD 20 GB as an issue like they did with 1080P. M$ like using this tatics to make their competitors fall into traps.
Microsoft you are a dirty little boy.

kmis876392d ago

I doubt Sony would bash 20gb hd's, cause after all, that would be like shooting themselves in the foot. For example, you're not going to see Microsoft come out and say memory cards and wired controllers are junk, although Sony might say something like that soon.

DJ6392d ago

You act like Microsoft is the only company that turns the tables on its competitors. Why would they talk smack about a 20GB hard drive when they offer it for the low-end PS3? Kmis does bring up a good point about wired controllers and memory cards. Sony could potentially make fun of Microsoft for holding onto these last-gen ideas. Sony's putting out a memory card adaptor so that consumers will never have to bother with them anymore. Hard Drive storage is the new standard.

BIadestarX6392d ago

They "talk smack" about everything microsoft does.. and if they don't find anything, then they will change the facts like they did with the prices for which they are now getting sued. So, why wouldn't they do that?
Also, I don't understand whats the big deal about the fact that the core does not come with a HD... I didn't buy a core, anybody that cares about the HD bought the premium. Why? well it came with a headset, universal controller, 1 month of xbox live, HD cables, HD, etc. for $399, so too me the 360 comes with it. Since, the premium still cheaper than the lower PS3 SKU and you don't complain about. The same goes for the PS3, any serious PS gamers that (cares) will buy the 599 sku. Specially considering the fact that it does not come with wifi (no option to buy in the future, as least that we know of) and a big difference between Hard drives.

kmis876392d ago

My post just meant to say that businesses always bash what their competitor does so that they can claim what they're doing is better. When Sony says that the 360 doesn't come with a hard drive as standard, and when Microsoft says that Sony doesn't let consumers pay for what they want, they're doing the same thing.

BIadestarX6391d ago

Yeah, but what would you think if microsoft issue a fact sheet saying that the PSP3 cost $2,000?

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VersusDMC1d 8h ago

First to last for me...3,4,5,1,2.

VersusDMC1d 6h ago

Me leaving it out should be telling of my thoughts on it. Better than 2 as a DMC game.

Still a good game though.

Exvalos13h ago

What a weird name, it's essentially devil may cry, devil may cry lol

Cacabunga11h ago

Best to good for me: 3, reboot, 1, 5

2 and 4 are trash, didnt like any of them.
5 has very good gameplay variety but i hated the foes.. it is just insects the whole time. Reboot has the best foes for me

Friendlygamer1d 7h ago

3,1,4,5 to me, never played 2. 5 gameplay is amazing but level design was really disappointing to me, just a bunch of plain arenas, the story felt like a worse written rehash of the 3rd and the charater models looked weird ( specially the ladies ). Another problem with 5 was that there was not enough content for 3 charaters so I could never really familiarize with any of them

monkey6021d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )


God DMC2 was an awful game.
And in case this isn't obvious it goes worst to best

Yui_Suzumiya1d 5h ago

1 and DmC. The rest are unimportant.

DarXyde1d 5h ago

Order changes depending on your focus. I tend to focus on gameplay/fun factor, so...

5, 3, 1, 4, 2.

I really didn't like 4 but commend Dante's weapon diversity. The retreading of old ground was pretty unacceptable to me.

But even then... Still more enjoyable than 2 for me

SeTTriP20h ago

This right here is my order as I thought DMC 5 was amazing and obviously 3 comes after 4 was great and 1 for the nastilgic value it holds 2 was so terrible that my local GameStop gave full refunds to people who returned it.

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