My E3 2013 most anticipated: Wind Walker HD

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Muffins12231954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Your most anticipated game is a game you can play already and came out 10 years ago?Okay lol

yugovega1954d ago

with added content, new art style, and new controls along with whatever miiverse functions they put in. i'd say yes it's pretty anticipated. also considring it will sell plenty of consoles by it's self i'm sure there are alot of people anticipating it.

Muffins12231954d ago

Yes but its still not a new game...its like adding DLC to skyrim and claim thats a new game.I will get this if i get a wiiu but brawl and Mario for wiiu deserve way more attention than this lol...

yugovega1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@ muffins1223
i disagree consider those 2 more then likly will not be coming out this holiday while zelda is. better to advertise things people can get this year more then things they can get next year. plus considering the sales of wind waker on gc not as many people played it.

Muffins12231954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I Disagree that you forgot what the title is "E3 2013 most anticipated" Meaning what they show is going to have most anticipation.....there showing brawl,zelda(not winder waker HD a real new zelda game) ,mario,etc.There going to get more hype and your going to have more hype for them..... i dont care what your most anticipated game of this year is,we are talking about games there showing this e3 2013 not which ones coming out this year...cause i guarantee you wind waker HD wont be a system seller like brawl will lol

Neonridr1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

While the storyline and flow of the game may be the same, it will be an entirely new game from the ground up. This isn't an upconverted copy. All art assets have been recreated from scratch.

So by your logic Muffins, nobody should watch a remake of a movie correct? Since you can always just watch the original and be done with it.

ziratul1954d ago

Yes, like Call of Duty and FIFA every year we play the same old game.

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