The Changing Face Of Online Console Gaming

New hardware always brings big changes to the online gaming experience. Usually these are positive and expansive, and that doesn’t look to be any different this incoming generation. Microsoft achieved a lot with Xbox Live in the early years and really set the target. One could argue both Steam and the PSN compete well or surpass XBL for value or feature reasons now, but that’s all about to become moot as the landscape reforms.

Pondering the implications of some of the changes to the big three's online strategies moving forward.

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PerryCaravello1984d ago

What's the deal with SEN vs XBOX LIVE.

Which is better, are they both even? I keep hearing different takes on the story.

They both look great.

BABYLEG1984d ago

XBOX silver is better than anything Sony puts out. The SEN interface is ass backwards.

Xbox live gold is in a league of its own. NO EXPLANATION NEEDED

PerryCaravello1984d ago

You sound like you don't know what you're talking about lol.


Typical-Guy1984d ago

How is Silver better than PSN? I'm curious, you can't do anything at all with silver account except have a one-on-one chat....

SignifiedSix911984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

You're just trolling, man.

I game on LIVE more than I do PSN, but PSN+ just trumps LIVE in terms of content.

LIVE Gold is better than standard PSN though. Imo.

Steam just kicks the crap out of both. Now they're in a damn league of their own. Especially when it comes to prices.

badz1491984d ago

No XGC, no FB, no Twitter....nothing...and it's better than PSN? wow...trolling aside, that's some fucked up way of thinking!

Cam9771984d ago

Nice balanced argument there, if you weren't so biased and intoxicated in your fanboy juices then you'd understand that in recent years cross-console gamers have come to prefer PSN because it's free, it's cleaned itself up and PS+ is a bonus.

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Omar911984d ago

Loving the new look of the ps4's interface. Can't wait to see more.

Also both Sen and xbox live have there positives and negatives. I prefer the xbox live when it comes to communicating with friends but besides that Sen hands down!

MilkMan1984d ago

I think ive come to a point in my hobby that I don't think I am the audience these new consoles are made for. I don't like FPS, I don't like MMO's, I stopped watching TV some 17 years ago (because of my gaming) and I don't care for "always on" anything.

I'm sad to say this, but if I don't see games that are speaking to me, I wont be joining this next-gen. I'm not compelled even in the least.

IF I had to choose between what is offered, I would stay with my WiiU and perhaps the PS4. But my enthusiasm is not nearly what it was a gen or two going back.

In fact, I'm not sure who these new machines are geared towards.

Shad0wRunner1984d ago

Have you not seen the game lineup for PS4? Nearly 50 titles are being prepped for launch. They're not ALL FPS or MMO's. Check out the game trailers being shown at E3 tomorrow...and you'll see. ^_^

GravelerMagnitude91984d ago

i cant wait people. the day has come. im am not a mSoft fan but i want to see if they will clean up their act or Ruin their pants.

they are up 1st at 12 30pm Eastern time.
Sony goes much later and i know they are bout to gently move behind microsoft and then THRUST with the display of games they have to show.

ab5olut10n1984d ago

I'm not sure about xbl but the psn store runs like doodoo, they really need to fix it. PS+ is a hella great deal however.