Is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 Set For A Reveal at E3 2013?

PlayStation Euphoria: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been left for three months without any new characters/two months without an update but now there is a faint glimmer of hope for the fanbase as a possible sequel might have been leaked. On the PlayStation All-Stars forums, a user has posted four images this person supposedly took at E3 yesterday.

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NovusTerminus1958d ago

I think SSM will announce their plans for the franchise, but I don't think it will be ASBR2, more like an expansion pack.

That said, I am just hoping to hear something, fun game.

US8F1958d ago

I really want what you said to happen. I don't want them milking anything in all honesty, especially since it was released not to long ago. 2-3 years apart installements keeps it fresh and exciting.

A new AAA game is what I'm hoping SSM announces.

AliTheSnake11958d ago

So that's what santa Monica's vine tease was about

they look they were button mashing.So either that or a co-op god of war where each player was holding one side of the body to rip them apart.

-Mika-1958d ago

As long as it has new developers. Im fine with it.

chrispseuphoria1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Sony Santa Monica originally came up with the idea at first with Title Fight. It also says on the image that SSM is working on it by themselves.

-Mika-1958d ago

I know. I hope SSM works exclusively on it. I don't want superbot to interfere with development. They did an horrible job at making battle royale seem like a "AAA" $60 title.

soniqstylz1957d ago

@Mika: Superbot is working on a new IP.

r211958d ago

Mika just asking but how does it feel to comment more than once now? Now trolling just asking haha.

TXIDarkAvenger1958d ago

I was actually wondering why everyone has at least 5 bubbles now?

To actually promote discussion?

That-Guy1958d ago

Yeah, the bubbles are probably temporary.

pr0t0typeknuckles1958d ago

if they have crash,then id be happy with it.

Flyingdog6701958d ago

Yea, it's still to early for another game.

ssj271958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

it's useless genre, a waste of time and cash..

they rather do this IP, than a true SOCOM or J&D.. is beyond me.

bsquwhere1958d ago

Well Jax and Daxter is Naughty Dog and SOCOM is obviously up in the air after 4

Godmars2901958d ago

Maybe on the scale and system its been offed on. As a $60 game.

Know the team who did it put a lot of work into it - then were shut down, wtf - but really, the game should be another Fat Princess. A PSN title with some higher the average production value.

ssj271958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I agree with godmars290

I see that this IP have some loyal fans .. it does not mean anything .. the game was not needed and that money could have been invest into a better IP or a loved IP like SOCOM or whatever..

or like godmars290 said.. a $15 or $20 psn game will have been better than a full retail price..

I never said it was a bad game or anything so don't hate on me.. it's just a fat and numbers proved it even sony did prove it after losing down the studio.