Regarding XBox One and Allegations of Vote-Rigging

As you are no doubt aware, allegations have been made that Microsoft and/or PR firms associated with it are participating in efforts to manipulate the content and voting on /r/gaming in order to spin XBox One announcements and information to their advantage. We as curators of this community take such allegations very seriously, and have completed an investigation.

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xer01960d ago

So reddit, thinks it'll get the truth by asking the accused a direct question? Are they so naive?

With that said, I admire the fact that they 'tried' to investigate... but in this game, nobody is going to tell you the truth; and in my opinion - the jury is still out.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1960d ago

It looks a bit fishy to me but its probably pointless in the end..

Off Topic , does greenpowerz have 5 bubbles now also? dear god

JokesOnYou1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yep, every other fanboy makes up a conspiracy theory without 1 shred of proof and of course its taken as gospel....then anyone who provides contrary facts then they say that guy was paid off too....and on and on and on...its a fool proof haters plan, well if you're gullible enough to believe everything you read on the internet it is.

SilentNegotiator1960d ago

They rigged the reveal audience to seem to be applauding.

By comparison, there's a lot fewer immediately obvious tracks with voting.

JokesOnYou1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

See once again misinformation that people regurgitate as if ANY *negative speculation, accusation, conjecture, assumption or rumor about micro is FACT= just conveniently choose to believe every fanboy internet conspiracy theory.

"Also let’s not forget that the tent was filled with a lot more than simply media. There would be the Microsoft execs, important partners, retailers, friends of the dude with the hair. In fact I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the majority of the audience has some part of their career on the line with the Xbox One. Of course you would clap then wouldn’t you?
So in essence, there is no story here. Adam Sessler may not have clapped and the media around him may have remained silent but the awkward moments last night when Mattick expected applause and it didn’t arrive prove that the applause wasn’t canned." -Gavin Mannion, LazyGamer


dantesparda1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Hey Jokes, so why should i listen to you if i shouldnt believe "everything" i read on the internet?

bsquwhere1960d ago

@Jokes..I would believe you, but some jackhole told me not to listen to who was that..hmmm can't remember. Oh really the joke is you.

JokesOnYou1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

dantesparda, easy answer= you shouldn't listen to ME, any intelligent person knows you should do your own research and form your own opinion based on reliable info, btw its not my qoute above, read the link. lol, I'm not going to hold your hand so you got to learn to cross the street on your own lil buddy...or ask bsquwhere for help it seems like he'd be more than willing to hold your hand forever.

dantesparda1959d ago

I dont listen to you and am smart enough to know that all the rumors about ms were true and am not some dumb fanboy hoping and wishing it aint so, like yourself, when its so obviously true

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GamersRulz1960d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dlacy13g1960d ago

lol... jesus. the truth could smack some people in the face and they still wouldn't believe it. Someone on the internet makes a claim and because the Anti MS crowd want to believe it must be fact...after all, it was on the internet.

Dee_911960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I wouldnt call the person that leaked that information just someone on the internet, as he's proven to have had inside information.You and JokesonYou comments are so hypocritical and ironic.Like how you just downplayed this guy to be just a random dude, then the two of you say we are gullible for believing some random joe on the internet.

I get it, you guys leave out valuable information to try to make your point more valid.Just realize that doing this doesnt help your cause at all and in effect make matters worse.

dark-hollow1960d ago

Reddit and especially r/gaming is a pathetic cesspool of memes and unjustified witch hunts.

You'll be down voted to hell and accused of being a "shell" if you even
Praised the xbone controller.

That's how much paranoid they are.

PockyKing1960d ago

The admins of Reddit aren't the most reliable bunch of people either. They're very unhelpful in the community and will ban without notice. One of the worst communities on the internet that place is.

Narutone661960d ago

A stark contrast to NeoGaf, a lot of juniors were banned. The admins there are very efficient.

tarbis1960d ago

No company is going to tell you who their clients are unless it is already public knowledge made known by the clients themselves. Else, they'll be breaking the privacy and secrecy that is in their contract.
And you are correct that reddit is very naive that they can just get sensitive information from their so-called investigation. Who do they think they are? The FBI? Even the FBI can't pry into their company affairs unless it was a court order.

rainslacker1960d ago

It's probably one of those things you can't prove. It may or may not exist, and given how social media is influential, I'm sure it exists. Doesn't necessarily mean that it exists in the form reported originally on reddit.

However, shilling is usually better played within the big media, and there is no shortage of companies which will regurgitate a press release with no incentive whatsoever.

Truth is, MS doesn't have to do this. There are plenty of trolls, or sheep, or whatever we wish to call them, which will do so for free.

Just look at the type of users who get the most comments. It's the ones which say things that are incendiary, and completely illogical, and against the general train of thought. We react violently to them, and do exactly what this reddit author said happened to trolled, for someone random internet users own lol's.

What's a shame, is that the few people who can logically try to defend this issue go unheard. I've seen a couple that truly do want to discuss it rationally, but they can't get a word in edge wise.

Basically the old adage holds true, "don't feed the trolls". They will eventually die and go away, or go unnoticed. Engage only in constructive discussion.

I've been lured in myself a lot the past couple weeks, but like this reddit moderator says, "we can do better".

CEOSteveBallmer1959d ago

people like jokesonyou is giving my company a bad name. Acting like a genius lawyer to win at all cost, "Twisting" every possible reason to make him look like the righteous one in a debate.

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IanVanCheese1960d ago

in b4 everyone claiming Microsoft paid off reddit to make that post.

Megaton1960d ago

NeoGAF has been on a Microsoft plant banning spree over the past week. If they're on NeoGAF, with GAF's difficult registration process, they're everywhere. Especially Reddit.

notkon1960d ago

They are everywhere oh my god what a conspiracy.

Sometimes i wonder how gamers can be so dumb.

Unicron1960d ago

I'd argue it's dumb to think companies don't do this kind of thing in the digital age.

Megaton1960d ago

You're terminally naive if you don't think companies do this kind of thing.

Virtual_Reality1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Like the NSA and Government tapping Microsoft servers to extract info from the users is also a conspiracy?
Which is more believable?

bobtheimpaler1960d ago

If Apple can pay people to line up for a product that doesn't change every year to make themselves look good(which they certainly do) then Microsoft paying people to make the xbone look good on the internet isn't a huge leap.

You also need only look at the number of new users joining n4g defending xbone just before e3.

mmccarthy41960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'm not a fanboy but this actually makes sense by manipulating votes it could potentially convince consumers to buy their product I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of companies do this and I don't think it's because they are desperate but because it is a smart tactic to convince those on the fence.

1960d ago
palaeomerus1960d ago

You don't have to be dumb to post and say dumb things sometimes.

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Loki861960d ago

I definitely do not work for MS but I got banned for supporting them. Sent a nice letter of intent to the BBB, have fun getting audited Gaf you jackasses.

fr0sty1960d ago

The BBB isn't going to give a damn about who a forum bans. Get over it.

mmccarthy41960d ago

Everyone has a right to say what they want whatever there intentions banning someone on a forum is bullshit. You can always not read what someone has to say.

Loki861960d ago

@ frosty, I've gotten to sites shutdown after they were found breaking rules. Also, the BBB has an online division so you clearly know what you are talking about.

rainslacker1960d ago

Dude, the BBB has no authority whatsoever. They are a consumer group, and it's only in terribly grievous, constant complaints that they will take action by going to the people who can actually do anything.

If you want to go directly to the source, just contact the state's attorney general, or in the case of the internet, whatever body governs such things....oh wait, the internet isn't governed by such things, and any site can ban whoever they want for whatever reason.

A site can only be shut down if they are participating in illegal action, and even then it can only be shut down from within the jurisdiction that it resides in.

At most you may be able to get a site taken down personally if it is part of some meta-site which goes against that bigger sites TOS.

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1960d ago Replies(2)
Dlacy13g1960d ago

@Megaton... GAF is up in arms BECAUSE of the original Reddit article. GAF didn't drum anything up on their own, they just like N4G went stupid crazy over this like some insane witch hunt. Internet rumors clearly more powerful than the truth.

RM-TatoTiburon1960d ago

i just got banned from neogaf i don't why maybe because i wasn't part of the policy anger fest or maybe my maste chief avatar, they probably think that i work for microsoft

Dlacy13g1960d ago

GAF lost a lot of cred from me over this. GAF used to be a place you could go and more or less avoid overtly fanboy flame topics and just have some open discussion. Since about the PS4 reveal though it seems to be increasingly being drug into a more hostile conversation in the forum threads.

It's not all that different than N4G. I tolerate N4G though because I do like it seemingly does a great job of news aggregation beyond the flame bait stuff. You usually can catch the breaking news here as it breaks.

palaeomerus1960d ago

Way back I got banned from GAF for saying that Diablo III could work on a console. This was well before Diablo III released. Well, now it's coming to consoles.

GAF: 0.

Honestly I never much liked the people there. They all thought they were super hilarious when most of what they did repost memes and find ways to spend a whole paragraph saying +1. Then they'd get banned. The really popular threads moved way too fast to follow anyway.

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UNGR1960d ago

What a catastrophe this is, I'm glad Reddit is using some good old investigative journalism, and objective reasoning. Good read, doesn't really change the fact Microsoft dropped the ball with some of the "features" (restrictions). Regardless a good article, the investigative journalism was a real treat, you don't see it that often.

dark-hollow1960d ago

I won't say "investigation" as one of reddits specialities.

Look at "jurrasic park Jeep" and the recent Boston bombing witch hunts fiasco on reddit.

They are so willing to jump the gun with very little to non evidence.

UNGR1960d ago

Hence "the investigative journalism was a real treat, you don't see it that often.". Cleared Microsoft's name of one pile of crap, now they have they rest of the crap that needs cleaning. Reddit isn't my #1 choice for news but this was a good piece, I'll give them that. Now if they do this more often that would be great.

rainslacker1960d ago

It didn't clear MS name. It just put doubt onto the original source. This was far from a extensive investigation.

Hell, the past few days I've seen comments which are so obviously press release type comments from newly created accounts. Trolls just aren't that good most of the time, and in such abundance it does cast doubt onto what's really going on.

I'm not going to finger point most people, but there is at least one I'm convinced is a shill, or at the very least, a very good troll.

Either way, these people say nothing substantial. I imagine by the time people get around to reading what these people say, they have read all the other comments as well. And while I sometimes question people intellect while reading posts, I do still like to think most people can make up their own opinions, and recognize PR speak when it's obvious.

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