Zelda 3DS: Eiji Aonuma Completely Misses the Point of A Link to the Past

GenGAME writes: "You’d think I’d be excited to hear more news about Zelda 3DS (A Link to the Past 2) from series producer Eiji Aonuma. After all, I’m a self-professed classic Zelda nut, and the game seems obviously intended to draw old farts like me in with fancy nostalgia-fied Hyrules, remixed soundtracks, and reddish-haired Links.

"But what I really want doesn’t have anything to do with that surface-level nostalgia. It has to do with a nostalgia for the core of what Zelda is. And so far, based on what I’ve heard from Mr. Aonuma and others, Zelda 3DS sounds more like a shallow appeal to nostalgia than a truly next-generation A Link to the Past."

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dedicatedtogamers2048d ago

Aonuma has gone on the record and said that he does not like the combat in Zelda, he has trouble beating Octoroks in the first Zelda game, and he wants to spend his time on story, NPCs, and puzzles because that's what he sees as important in Zelda...

...that's why I typically dislike his Zelda games.

Xof2048d ago

...Er, does anyone like the combat is Zelda games? It's mediocre at best--and that applies to -every- Zelda game.

Just imagine how much more fun the 3D Zelda games would be if the combat were as responsive, dynamic and diverse as in Dark Souls. Imagine how much more fun 2D zelda games would be if the combat was as perfectly polished as in your average Ys game.

Zelda games do a number of things very well. Combat is not one of those things, and never has been.

dedicatedtogamers2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

The combat in the early games was quite good. I even liked the combat from Zelda II. During release, the combat in these games was as good if not better than any top-down arcade game of the time. And that's what Zelda originally was: an RPG-lite with skill-based arcade combat. Puzzles, NPCs, and storyline was an afterthought, even in games like LttP and Link's Awakening.

wishingW3L2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

that's true. Combat is always the weakest link on Zelda games, ALWAYS. And on the 3D ones it hasn't really evolved much, still the same as OOT's.

Bimkoblerutso2048d ago

Not to try and sound hyperbolic, but Ocarina of Time literally laid the foundation from which almost all third person adventure games base their combat to this day.

I certainly agree that it's no longer the strong suit of the franchise, but there was a time when it was pretty much the forefather of 3D combat.

Xof2048d ago


That's certainly true, but that doesn't make the combat itself good. Gaming is iterative. Most of the games that do something "first" don't do that thing particularly well. There's a reason people think of "Doom" as the first FPS--because it was the first FPS done really well.

Dj7FairyTail2048d ago

someone never played Skyward Sword

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legendoflex2048d ago

There's a clear pattern among the Zelda games that go down in history and the ones that people move on from shortly after they release. The former focus on world-building, on weapons that are satisfying to use outside of just puzzles, and on having the most engaging combat in the business; the latter focus on character development, items that are used mostly or only for puzzles, and engaging the player through story text.

tweet752048d ago

as long as the game play and exploration are as good or better than the original I will be happy.

Xof2048d ago

I'm getting real sick of people whining about the "core experience" of Zelda being ignored by modern games, defining that core experience as the first two NES games.

Zelda changed. There was a reason Zelda changed. And the change was for the better.

TwilightSparkle2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

If people dont like the combat system dont play it dosent mean everyone else dont like it, nintendo wiil keep making them as long as people buying them

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