CVG reaction to Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay footage

CVG's Tim Clark and Matt Elliott are joined by Official PlayStation Magazine's Leon Hurley to offer their reactions to the Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-E3 show, which revealed the name of the already-famous dog, Riley, and showed us a brand new level, No Man's Land. Were you impressed by the reveal? Let us know in the comments.

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DaThreats2010d ago

I thought it was graphically weak for next-gen.

SOD_Delta2010d ago

I agree. It's looks like a low tier next gen title (Graphically). I wonder how long It'll take before CoD actually looks next gen.

WeaseL2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I thought it was 360 or PS3 footage

-Mika-2010d ago

The game comes out in 5 months. The graphics should be improved by then. Right now, they're just focusing on the gameplay and story.

HammadTheBeast2010d ago

KZ:Shadow fall comes out in 5-7 months. I'm sure the graphics will be improved by then.

TheHardware2010d ago

@ -Mika- how do you know? do you work for the company?....and If you do; you should be working, that game looks like crap.

Zhipp2010d ago

Never. In order to release yearly and achieve a solid 60fps some compromises will always have to be made.

JokesOnYou2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Well Im a COD fan but so far I'm not impressed. It doesn't have to blow me away graphically but I just dont see much of a upgrade visually for a next gen game.

quenomamen2010d ago

COD will look next gen the day before they show off the NEXT, NEXT GEN PS5 @ E3 2020........Maybe.

RioKing2009d ago

It looks better than Titanfall -_-

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Hufandpuf2010d ago

not only weak, but boring.

Muffins12232010d ago

Yes but its running in 60fps which current gen games that look like this dont run at 60fps

Virtual_Reality2010d ago

Current games are mostly using an updated engine and graphics, which requires more performance from the consoles.

COD is still using a tweaked engine from the 90's, ID Tech 3.

GuyThatPlaysGames2010d ago

Next-gen doesn't mean the graphics have to be mind-blowing! Any game on the PS4 and XboxONE is considered to be a next-gen game.

oasdada2010d ago

if they shudnt look nexgen... then whats the point? stick to ur 360/ps3 then

Insomnia_842010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Yes, but when other games look MUCH better than this, then comes the question. Compare this to Killzone, BF4.

They just don't give a f*** and won't even invest in a new engine, they just did an upgrade that doesn't seem to do much if anything at all and that's because they know the game will sell just by its name.

GuyThatPlaysGames2010d ago

@Insomnia_84 How many times has Killzone's visuals surpassed all other shooters of it's time? Everytime. But when it comes time to deliver the game it fails. That's because visuals will only take a game so far. Every Killzone that comes out always ups the ante in graphics but the games still suck IMO.

Humungus-Fungus2010d ago

@ DaThreats

It's hard to tell the video quality is rubbish, why on earth is the video only 720p? When showing your game off you at least want to show it looking at it's best.

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notkon2010d ago

Sacrificing graphics for performance, i can totally get behind that.

-Mika-2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Yep, I rather have 60fps over high end graphics.

SOD_Delta2010d ago

I too prefer a better running game over a grahical powerhouse but, With the power the PS4 and X1 have CoD should have zero problems running at 60FPS/1080p.

IW (CoD Series) needs a serious make over. There's not excuse as to why Ghosts looks weak graphically. It's understandable on PS3 and 360, But not PS4 and X1.

Starbucks_Fan2010d ago

Yeah fish swimming and the dog running in 60FPS look so real!


trenso12010d ago

60fps and better graphics with next gen hardware should not be a difficult task for them, but then again why would they even bother if production costs are low they can maximize profit. Honestly COD can not be that much to produce, they re-use almost everything

oasdada2010d ago

yeah but the sad part is according to the specs.. crysis 1 shud be able to run on 60+ fps on ultra high without breaking a sweat on nexgen... and this looks inadequate infront of it... a tree alone in crysis can beat the whole fake vegetation in this linear cod:ghost... and have u even seen the water in crysis? i mean no element in this game.. not even a single one transcends the current gen barrier... if infinityward were too lazy then they shudve just kept it on current gen consoles... and btw.. bf4 will be running on 60fps too just so u know... and if by god u say that this game is remotely close to bf4... then bro ur shitting ur self

B-radical2010d ago

You must be oh so happy to have more then 1 bubble

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sevilha822010d ago

the problem is that the perfomance isn´t that great either.if they fix the game problems that´s cool(wich i personaly doubt that they will)other wise they will continue to make a fool of them selfs.we´ve all seen the maronnick interviews and the "amazing" A:I of the fishes.quite honestlly this franshise is dead to the more mateur public(20-35 years old)they will not stand a chance.IMO

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2010d ago

People like mika and greenpowerz suddenly have 5 bubbles.... hmmm

On topic, very underwhelmed by what i saw.

Biohazard88602010d ago

I think N4g gave overyone more bubbles for E3 time this week. But on topic also COD ghosts looks pretty not next gen at all so much for a New engine.

Starbucks_Fan2010d ago

Everyone got 5 bubbles.

This is going to be a nightmare

HammadTheBeast2010d ago

Bubble system is being replaced, so right before E3, N4G said: F*** it.

TheFallenAngel2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I used to have two now I'm showing five! yay

B-radical2010d ago

Lol hopefully they will be more careful this time round

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PerryCaravello2010d ago

I bought Black Ops 2, and I'm still trying to figure out if it was worth it 2 months later.

Multiplayer is skilless, but the single player was enjoyable. It didn't blow me away, I thought killzone singleplayer was way better. Anticipating KZ:Shadowfall to be way better than cod.

HammadTheBeast2010d ago

Zombies is only worthwhile mode, even that only with friends.

PerryCaravello2010d ago

I tried playing that as well, but I have no clue what to do and it seems less enjoyable that I thought it would be.

starchild2010d ago

It doesn't look weak to me. The gameplay looks fairly standard, but graphics are definitely a big leap over current gen games and look pretty close to what we have seen from Battlefield 4 and Killzone shadow Fall. I think a lot of people are just hating on it cause it's call of duty. I'm not a fan personally but Im not going to lie about it's graphics.

Gratisfaction2010d ago

What are you!? A CRACK-SMOKER!

HammadTheBeast2010d ago

Sir I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from insulting Killzone Shadowfall like that.

imt5582010d ago

Quote :
"...but graphics are definitely a big leap over current gen games and look pretty close to what we have seen from Battlefield 4 and Killzone shadow Fall...."

No, it's not even close.

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