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The one thing I truly admire Remember Me for is the chance to do something unique. To go against the grain and try to make something work. I feel like the risk was totally worth it but will agree that this game isn't going to make any waves. Sadly, doing something different won't garner the attention it truly deserves. Find out why I support Remember Me.

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Martywren1960d ago

I like this game alot, i thought it was going to be boring,but i was wrong the gameplay was fun.

GGNMugen1960d ago

Yes, Remember Me definitely shocked me at how much I enjoyed it. Especially the combat system.

trevorosz1960d ago

I definitely need to play this game at some point.

GGNMugen1960d ago

Of course you do. Even if it's just a rental.

FreshRevenge1960d ago

Remember Me is a Love or Hate it game. Last year when I saw it, all I knew was I was getting it. After playing it and I am on my second playthrough on the hard mode, I was right about my instincts on getting the game. I will support them if they do a sequel and this game has so much potential to further the story of Nilin. I totally fell in love with her. Like watching your girlfriend walk around kicking ass.

GGNMugen1960d ago

You are too right my friend. I'm just a sucker for this type of game and I really loved Nilin's character. I lol'd at the girlfriend comment. If they did a sequel, I'm all for it.

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