Virtual Console Review: Mega Man X (GenGAME)

The Mega Man franchise was highly successful on the NES, but after six games, series co-creator Keiji Inafune decided it was time for a change. With the new SNES at his disposal, it was time for a new kind of Mega Man experience. Originally launched in 1993, Mega Man X was the start of a new era for the Blue Bomber. Capcom recently brought the classic title to Wii U Virtual Console for a whole new generation of gamers. So how does Mega Man X hold up nearly two decades later?

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legendoflex2048d ago

I still need to play this. Should have gotten it on sale when I had the chance. I'll get it...eventually

Majin-vegeta2048d ago

HADOUKEN!!!!!Man i member those days.

akaihana86plus2048d ago

I really wanted to download this game, but i already own the the entire collection on my PS2, maybe i might get it just to support my blue bomber :3

Tunavenom2048d ago

I remember getting this on my 8th b-day. Still one of my fav Mega Man game to date.