Top 11 Characters Who Should Be In Super Smash Bros. Wii U

"The Super Smash Bros. franchise started on N64, moved to the GameCube with Melee, onto the Wii with Brawl, and now they're preparing to reveal their Wii U iteration. Like other crossover fighting franchises, just as important as the fighting moves and locales—if not more so—are the characters. Who would show their face to reign supreme in the Nintendo Universe? Some are fan favorites, like Mario and Princess Peach; others have earned their share of the cold shoulder. (Come on, who really uses Olimar?)

As soon as it was announced the topic of speculation was who's new in the next Super Smash Bros. Allow me to make a few suggestions."

~ Ryan Bates, Game Revolution

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dbjj120881958d ago

Lots of unique picks here. Of course the E3 video will only show a handful of returning characters.. >:(

kirbyu1958d ago

You must've not seen Brawl's 1st trailer. That one showed 5 new characters, one was 3rd party. The new trailer is likely to be just as good.

kirbyu1958d ago

I think Ditto would be better suited as a Pokeball.

ZeekQuattro1957d ago

I think your just scared to have another pink character with copying abilities. lol jk jk

Errefus1958d ago

Pumped for this game :D

Benjammin251958d ago

Bayonetta. ;)

PS. Do I not get the extra bubbles because I joined today? :(

R00bot1957d ago

Haha, did you hear what the kamiya told Smash Bros. fans to do when they asked him if bayonetta would be in the next Smash?

He told them to F*** off.
Yeaaah, I don't think Bayonetta is gonna be in there.

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The story is too old to be commented.