Call of Duty Ghosts new gameplay videos impressions

Some impressions of the newly released gameplay footage of Call of Duty Ghosts.

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mrmancs1955d ago

Looks nice but not next gen.

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

Looks alright. Like something on Wii U.

One4U1955d ago

it doesnt look impressive but it does have a big leap in graphics from MW3 from the trailers ive seen. i dont play cod so i might be wrong

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

No it really doesn't lol.

And a big leap from MW3 isn't saying much considering it was a definite low point in the series.

the_hitman30001955d ago

I know it might not change but is it possible they aren't using to much of the next gen power to make the older systems versions don't look "weak"? I know it's not a new engine but could they do another Cod 2 to 4 leap on next gen?

On the subject though didn't really look good and to be honest I thought they were boring as hell to watch. In my opinion Killzone and Battlefield 4 look way better.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Yeah some of the fish didn't even move.


Can't even perfect mario 64 tech..

bf4 plz...

starchild1955d ago

Are you guys for real? I don't even like call of duty, but if u think that looks current gen you truly need to get your eyes checked. It is definitely a very large jump from current gen games and looks on par with what we've seen so far from other next gen shooters.

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chcolatesnw1955d ago

ron swanson is my favorite character after ari gold. this is completely related to the topic on hand, which is swanson, because nothing is as cool or as important as meat no veggies lunch and spending a whole day doing everything you can to make sure nothing gets done.

Redrever1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )


i think we need a decrptor to decode the message.

chcolatesnw1955d ago

ahha majiebeast's avatar is ron swanson from the overly underrated parks and recreation. honestly, people, watch the first episode on netflix and you'll fall in love with ron swanson definetly, and aziz ansari

American_Gamer1955d ago

I thought it didn't look that great as far as graphics are concerned, but if they manage to take some of the older gameplay elements from COD2 and COD4, it could still be a good game.

The problem with some of the COD games is the hit detection, they can actually be fun games if they're coded properly. So while I wasn't overly impressed with the graphics, I think the title could still be promising.

karl1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

i was a hardcore cod gamer when i was younger, the hit detection was always a problem as many other glitches

i still remember activision releasing a few updates during cod 1 and 2 to fix certain problems but after that

the community kept waiting for new updates fixing the problems that we reported and we never got anything. After a year or two cod 3 came out and then modern warfare..

i havent bought a cod game since the fourth one...

i just want to say as what its suppose to be a massive competitive game that even has dethroned Counter strike i just dont feel the support of whoever is making the cod games right now..

how can we compete in those conditions? they dont spend time fixing the games cuz they use all their resources to push out another cod game as fast as possible...

soo i wouldnt get my hopes up.

i kinda want ppl to start playing more battlefield or whatever.. anything is better than a game made by these greedy bastards

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The story is too old to be commented.