Interview: Sniper Elite V2 Wii U - What about an eShop version, demo, & reasons to play it?

"Did you know that Sniper Elite V2 on the Wii U runs at a higher resolution than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, due to the Wii U's hardware strengths? If not, you can read where Rebellion's CEO and Creative Directory, Jason Kingsley, said it in the first interview about the game posted up last week, HERE.

If you're looking to buy the game, you should be able to find it now on sites like and in stores like GameStop.

What if you're a Wii U Deluxe Set owner and like downloading your games to take advantage of the Deluxe Digital Promotion though? While there isn't a Wii U eShop digital version yet, I did ask 505 Games about it, as well as if they are planning a demo for the game. Brew yourself some coffee, and read on to find out those details as well as what features Wii U owners might enjoy if they have already played another version of Sniper Elite V2!", writes CoffeeWithGames.

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jjdoyle1959d ago

i donts understand the prices here. 360 version is unders 20 WiiU 60?

dark-hollow1959d ago

What if they don't give us a watered down version (sure it may look better but a lot of content were cut for the Wii u version)

I won't be surprised if they cried about weak sales later on....

herbs1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Dark Hollow your exactly right they will prob come to the conclusion that 3rd party games for the Wii U aren't worth it. Well maybe if they actually followed through with there statements about the Wii U game being the definitive version then it might be a success but nope. This game has none of the DLC or even co-op but they want over twice the price it's obviously not going to sell well because of there ignorance.

PerryCaravello1959d ago

Honestly, why would anyone buy wiiu over PS4/XboxOne.

Can anyone give me any real reasons. What games on wiiu are better than the titles so far on PS4?

E3 tomarra!

yugovega1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

zombiu is better then that cell phone/flash light survival game blacklight looks.

other then that ourally can't compare the games considering most ps4 titles announced are sports or bro-games like kllzone.

btw to be technical, every wiiu game is better the any game that is on the ps4 considering none are on it.

Venox20081959d ago

i guess we gonna find out it on e3 ninty direct..