New GTA V Map Looks More Accurate Than CVG

Techtorial: A new map is created for Grand Theft Auto V which looks more accurate than the ones we've seen before.

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Valenka1958d ago

I'm excited to truly see in-game how expansive it is.

Donnieboi1958d ago

The city portion of Los Santos looks kinda small, compared to everything else. There are not that many roads either (compared to GTA 4).

I hope we have more interiors we can enter, to make up for the smaller size of the city portion.

Cam9771958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

They both give a rough idea of how big it'll be, I'm satisfied! Roll on the 17th of September!
1 hour ago I had 1 bubble, what happened?

RockmanII71958d ago

Site might have reset everyone below 5 bubbles to 5 as Valenka has 5 as well. I use N4G a lot less now than I used to, but I remember the bubble count getting reset to 3 a while back so maybe they're bringing it back to default 5.

Skate-AK1957d ago

I seen decrypt has his bubbles back. Won't be long until he is back at one bubble.