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"Sometimes things get left behind. This became true of our attempts to review Nintendo Land. In amongst the usual Christmas rush and our intense desire to bring you as much Wii U launch coverage as possible, we weren't able to get out a review for, what was arguably, the system's most publicised launch title. Coming bundled with the console's deluxe edition, Nintendo Land is to the Wii U what Wii Sports was to the original Wii: A collection of mini-games designed with the sole purpose of showing off the new system's hardware."

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yugovega2046d ago

wait so the reviewer says it has no levels then proceeds to say it needs a save feature so he wouldn't need to replay levels? seems legit.

6.5 is a little low for his game. much like wii sports it wasn't ever promoted to be anything in depth. scoring it low due to this islike scoring tetris low due to it lacking game modes. and the replayablilty comes from collecting everythin much like trophies or achievements on the other systems. only true downside to this gameis no online.