Call of Duty: Ghosts Campaign Footage and Screens

MP1st - The Call of Duty: Ghost Pre-E3 All Access event has concluded, and while we await to hear from one of our staff who is currently stationed at the event, here’s some freshly new gameplay along with new screens.

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TOGC2054d ago

Hmm, might pick this up. Game looks decen.t

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SlavisH22054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

That was actually cool. This will be the 1st cod i may pick up since world at war~!

aceitman2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

this is what next gen should look like , i can tell the difference from 3 and 4.

Nitrowolf22054d ago

Gonna be honest, I'm sort of impressed but to the degree that this still looks like a last gen title in terms of graphics.

unprotected2054d ago

Impressed? what exactly are you impressed about? God...... how quick fanboys sell out

Nitrowolf22054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I said sort of, and I clearly said it looks last gen.

It's a step up from past COD games, but no way would I compare it to other real next gen titles like KIllzone: Shadow Fall and such.

If this was running on the PS3 or Xbox 360 I would say it's a step up, but since they confirmed it running on nextgen console (which is why I said it still looks last gen) then it's disappointing.

Me a COD fanboy? You haven't been around for very long have you? I'm someone who's constantly been saying COD is just a recycled game. No way am I buying this for my PS4.

BlazeXXL2054d ago

Lol, little quick to judge wouldn't you say? So what if he's impressed? Let him be. You're not a fanboy if you happen to like a gameplay video.

I too am quite surprised by the videos. I was expecting way worse. Really digging the dog aswell, some interesting mechanics. Graphics seem better than during the XB1 reveal.

Starbucks_Fan2054d ago

The dog combat impressed me, but that's it.

grailly2054d ago

that's what impressed me the least actually. you control the dog like a drone which is kinda stupid, and it's just some kind of crazy killing machine. It broke a door pushing a soldier through it and then all the other soldiers ran away like little girls lol.

brodychet2054d ago

Looks like a darker world of COD. But infinity ward has disappointed me heavily with the multiplayer too many times before. Might be the first year I pass since COD WAW

Deep-throat2054d ago

Looks great for the CoD generation.

CODallday2054d ago

Call of Duty® uses a new engine with each iteration and Call of Duty® Ghosts will be running on an engine built for the next generation. Also, maps and skins should come standard with every new iteration of any title so I don't see why you would complain. Maps are secondary to the innovation that Call of Duty® brings every single year.

Saleem1012054d ago

Stop it your fanboyism is driving me nuts.. Do you actually believe your own bs that's same engine COD been using for like 7years lol...

CODallday2054d ago

You are vastly ignorant if you believe that.

Starbucks_Fan2054d ago

LOL and I bet you think Xbox One is the greatest thing ever

aceitman2054d ago

@ codallday this is y it doesn't look next gen just upgraded this gen if they can call it that.

aceitman2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

it may be a pass for me the 1st on cod,

iPad2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

CODallday HAS to be that guy on youtube "IntelligentCODFanboy&quo t;

Both type the same and use the "R" trademark.

torchic2054d ago

this is a very good troll.


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