Pre-E3 Call of Duty: Ghosts "All Access" Detailed

During a pre-E3 “All Access” live-stream which took place today, Activision revealed the first gameplay footage from the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts.


'Into the Deep' and 'No Man's Land' levels have been revealed as well. Check out our website to see Riley in action for the first time.

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PFFT1960d ago

Well it was something. It looked good to me.

aceitman1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I couldn't tell it was next gen ,same o same o to me. passill buy something that will show me itsd next gen, I bet ms is holding back on what they can do with there rules of don't let it look better than are system. and no im not trolling they do do that.with so many other rules to. im sure it was part of the deal with xbox maps 1st. and it pisses me off that it wont ever look better while they have there deal on.

Salooh1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

It looked better then the others but the theme and vision is exactly the same as before ( You follow someone while pretending no one know about you and the guy with you talk then say come on let's go then crazy things happen then repeat the same thing) that's why we don't feel the difference even in gameplay. It's more like better texture. The story controle you and you feel like watching a movie instead of actually playing and thinking.

I want to see the multiplayer. I don't play call of duty for it's lame campaign. However, I loved the last scene. It's like taking a leap of faith to your death lol .

EDIT :To be more clear i don't consider this a next generation game. It just look better then the previous games , that's it ..

Testfire1960d ago

Not sure why you expected it to look next gen if it's releasing on the PS3 and 360. COD has always been developed for and on the 360, nothing changed for this COD. Until the PS3/360 aren't being supported I don't see anything change. Now...the COD that releases in 2014 for PS4/Xbone better have a NEW(not upgraded) engine or else the difference between COD and BF will be very embarrassing(more than it already is).

Ritsujun1959d ago

Shoot the Microsolfish!

BattleAxe1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I'd rather spend my money supporting a new game being developed by the Socom 1&2 creator, David Sears.

If people want to play a real military shooter, support this kickstarter:

If you've had enough of the yearly Activision garbage, then do the industry a favor and put your money towards a game that matters.

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Gardenia1960d ago

Oh, i thought this was the new map pack for MW3

GamerzElite1959d ago

COD ghosts CG are good but gameplay video is still like same as this genration.
Call of Duty Ghosts All Access Event HQ

GuyThatPlaysGames1959d ago

Everyone will hate just like always. Next-gen doesn't always mean just next-gen visuals you dumbasses. Anything that is on the PS4 or XboxOne is considered next-gen. Doesn't have to have mind-blowing visuals or redefining gameplay. I'm getting this CoD just like I've gotten every one so far and so will everyone else.

donman11959d ago

This is not even close to being next gen. They clearly using the same old tired engine. This might as well be Xbox360 gameplay we are watching. Pathetic.

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TrevorPhillips1960d ago

My dog can do all those things along with hand shaking, getting the leash and more

I'll pass

teknx1959d ago

But can he render realistic arm hair and 2 suns?

Sandmano1960d ago

Sticking to Killzone shadow fall.

TrevorPhillips1960d ago

Now that is what you call a next gen FPS shooter as well as BF4 that looks promising

Sandmano1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yep, this just looks rehashed theres no room for COD with Infamous, Killzone and other PS4 exclusives that will be available this fall and Damn if Im going to play GHOSTS when I have GTA V even though theres probably a 2 month gap between the two.

And yes BF4...

Saleem1011960d ago

battlefield 4 looks next gen not COD...

JohnApocalypse1960d ago

BF4 looks way more safe then Ghosts

Saleem1011960d ago

was not impressed the game looks like slight upscale current gen game...

gameseveryday1960d ago

Terrible. Looks like MW1 running on the PC.

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