E3 2013: Dragon Age III: Inquisition Will Be Shown At E3

It’s official that we will get some Dragon Age III: Inquisition info at this years E3. We’ve not seen or heard much from the game ever since it was announced back in 2011. There have been little leaks, but nothing major. Well Executive Producer of the Dragon Age franchise, Mark Darrah has confirmed that we will see Dragon Age III: Inquisition at EA’s press event on Monday. No other information was given, but I for one can not wait to see what they show.

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decrypt2050d ago

Well hope it returns to D&D style atleast on the PC.

Heres hoping we get to see actually game play instead of pre rendered cutscenes.

Xof2050d ago

...But Dragon Age was never a D&D style game in the first place.

Salooh2050d ago

I will keep an eye on this game. Just hope they listen to the fans. ^^

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2050d ago

Obviously not. The game will carry over the choices you made in the first 2 games. It would be stupid to make it exclusive now.

greatcrusader442050d ago

Got high hopes for this one. Yeah DA2 was a disappointment but that came out like 15 months after DAO and since the team worked on DAO still after it released (with Awakening and the other dlc) means it had even less time to be developed. DA3 has been worked on for over two years now and hasn't even been fully unveiled, all we officially know is the name.

This is Biowares last chance, this game will make em or break em.

Harmonizer2050d ago

We all know who's to blame here, EA. Mass Effect and even Dragon Age 2 proves that Bioware has the talent to make really good games, but pressure from EA in regard to deadlines really kills the games coming out of Bioware. Arguably with some more time, the infamous ending of ME 3 could have been tweaked and DA 2 could have gotten proper dev time to remove all those samey dungeons and missions that killed the immersion amongst other things.

Errefus2050d ago

Don't disappoint bioware, bring it back to its roots

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